The Importance of the Small Business Phone

For many small businesses, the telephone is your lifeline. Telecommunications is key to reaching customers, clients and business partners. Sure, with the internet there may be even simpler ways to get in contact with people, but social media and email take even more of the personal aspect out of communications.

Even telephone communication has changed these days though. We are now plugged in all the time with cell phones and smartphones. It make us more readily available. If you don’t have a cell phone for your business you should. How many important work calls could you be missing during a commute?

If you can’t speak to someone in person, the telephone is your next best option when it comes to be personal and in touch. Here are a few reasons why your business phone remains one of the most important business investments you can have.

Immediate Contact

Unless your calls are met with voicemails and you start a game of phone tag, calling someone is a more personal and immediate form of communication than sending an email. Emails and texting leave you waiting for a reply. Calling someone directly on the phone gets their attention, shows that you mean business and it allows you to get to the next steps sooner.


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Personal Contact

It’s not always convenient to meet up with a client in person, but the next best thing is calling them on the phone. More people are likely to buy your product or do business with you if you directly speak to them than if you just send them an email. Not only is it more personal, but it also allows them to know how important their business is to you and that you are willing to go the extra mile to work with them.

Interactive Contact

Another great thing up telecommunications and business is the ability to make conference calls, bringing numerous people together from all over the globe. There are numerous benefits to teleconferencing. It’s not always possible for everyone to be together in the same board room but this technology is able to do that.

Confidential Contact

On top of all of those important reasons for using a phone in small business communications, it’s sometimes just important to talk to someone over the phone rather than sending an impersonal email. Sensitive topics and issues deserve more than an email, if they can’t be done in person. Sometimes there are just things that you don’t want in writing too.

Having a great work communications system can also be a life saver. Cell phones and smartphones offer different options for hands-free communications leaving you free to pay attention to other things, like driving down the road, when you are also trying to conduct business.

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