Facebook Video Engagement Trends: Views Of Sponsored Videos See Steady Growth

Videos as Facebook marketing tools are becoming more and more successful. If posting a video used to mean that viewers might skip it due to its size, the problem has been solved.

Research shows that people have an easier time digesting the information they see rather than the words they read. Videos are fun and exciting. They can get the information through in a colorful manner while taking up less of the viewer’s time.

The Impressive Effectiveness of Facebook Video Ads

Mobile audiences are growing and they are hungry for videos. According to Forbes, Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day. Videos on Facebook have become a major marketing tool. They are showing much better organic results than images.


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Any business can improve its marketing strategy by using video content. The leading experts from digital content and video production studio in Dubai believe that the popularity of Facebook videos hasn’t seen its peak yet. Thankfully, switching from images to videos is not too complicated.

Video Facebook ads are conquering the world. They are becoming the most important part of the marketing content. Such videos are showing impressive results due to the way a human brain works. People remember videos seven times better than texts. Only about 20 % of people are ready to read the whole text on the page. Meanwhile, 80 % will watch the video.

Video Offers Self-Service Options

Why are videos becoming more and more popular? Whether the clients see them on Facebook or company websites, these tools help receive the self-service they need. Customers no longer expect to be forced to call a company to get all the information they need about the product. All of it should be available on the website along with the manual and an FAQ section.

Videos improve this self-service experience by explaining the important matters concisely. Meanwhile, the clients don’t need to interact with the staff, which is usually complicated due to busy schedules.

Facebook Videos Are A Necessity

In 2018, people have already forgotten that videos used to be a luxury. In the modern world, they are a necessity. If you don’t use videos for marketing and informative purposes, you’ll be far behind the competition.

Today, users EXPECT to see a video. The lack of it may be surprising and off-putting. The only way to stay afloat today is to incorporate video materials in your campaigns.

Live Videos Are Becoming A Hit

While many companies contemplate investing in sponsored videos, others are taking full advantage of live videos. These videos don’t require as many investments while their effectiveness is about the same. An engaging story told by a real person gets high scores from the social media audiences. For example if you are targeting more business-oriented audience, you can create an interactive presentation full of interesting facts, numbers and graphs and turn it into a video. The most important thing in creating a viral live video is knowing your audience and knowing what will get their attention while prompting to share your video.

Text and images are still highly important for the marketing campaigns. However, videos should make up at least 50% of the content. Views of sponsored videos are seeing a steady growth and the pattern is not about to change.

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