Technology and Physical Activity How are they correlated with each other

Technology has been the backbone of many industries and is taking over the fitness industry. People are looking for new ways to improve their levels of physical activity. There are several ways people use technology to promote physical activity. Here are the ways technology can promote physical fitness.


Pedometers can count and monitor the number of steps you take throughout the day. They accurately estimate the number of steps taken in activities like walking, running and jogging. Using pedometers has been known to increase the amount of time people spend walking. There are many health benefits associated with walking. Those who want to lose weight or keep fit through ambulatory activities can use pedometers to their advantage.


People can also use accelerometers to record body acceleration every minute. It provides detailed information on the duration, frequency, intensity, and movement patterns that are causing the acceleration. Accelerometers are useful for those who are doing physical activities that involve accelerations. Most people using them can spend more time doing the activities and reaching their fitness goals.


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Heart rate monitors

Heart rate monitors are mostly used by athletes to assess and monitor the heart rate during intense exercises. Heart rate is directly related to the oxygen intake and may be affected by things like emotional stress and hydration.

Persuasive technology

Persuasive technology is useful since it is designed to change a person and have them adopt a certain behavior without them knowing it. They can be in audio or video form, and the tools are used in media or social interaction. One of the ways is through dance revolutions and other forms of dance exercises like Zumba. They make people exercise without them knowing what they are doing. The use of persuasive technology can be used to promote healthy behaviors and physical activity.

Combined heart rate monitor and accelerator

You can better predict energy expenditure during physical activity when a heart monitor is used together with an accelerator. These devices simultaneously monitor heart rates and motion to give valid and reliable physical activity measures in people of different ages and physical conditions.

Interactive video games

Interactive video games have been introduced to increase energy expenditure. The video games are suited for people who want to play the games alone or with others and do not require any skills. It provides an alternative exercise to people who want to participate in sports and other games.

Some examples of games include Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Sports, and Wii Fit. The games have different activities that are interactive. Users can play several games including tennis, boxing, golfing among others. Although playing video games does not burn as many calories as doing the real thing, it burns a significant amount. However, to optimize on the video games, users need to look at the instruction manual.

Some of the games involve doing yoga poses or running in place. You can hire a yoga teacher to help learn the poses. The yoga teacher will guide you on the steps and help you monitor your progress when it comes to keeping fit.

Technology continues changing our lives, and we must adapt to its evolution. When it comes to physical activity, technology has made it easier by giving people several options helping them keep fit. Being physically active is no longer a boring activity, and this will encourage more people to take part in changing their lives for the better.

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