Technology Improves Safety While We Work

There are some obvious ways in which technology has made the workplace a much safer environment, but plenty of secondary aspects of tech advancement keep us safer than ever before while we work.  Instances of legal battles over workplace injuries are still something that happens on occasion, but the overall outlook is positive.

No matter the industry in which you operate, you can probably find more than one-way technology makes your job easier.  Here is a quick overview of just a few of the less obvious ways in which technology has made working a much safer and healthier environment for people.

Technology led to awareness

Advancements in science and technology have led to the heightened awareness of occupational dangers.  For instance, the dangers of formaldehyde used in building materials were discovered, and now those materials are not made the same way.

Coal miners used to use canaries to detect unsafe levels of toxins in the air deep in the mine.  If the bird died, it was time to leave. Today’s miners are much safer, and there are numerous tech gadgets that help assess the risks faced at every twist and turn of the job.


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Technology boosts efficiency without adding danger

Technology also helps keep us safer when the demand for output is heightened.  There are still plenty of ways to get hurt pushing yourself too hard on the job, but technology does offer numerous options for boosted safety.

For example, it’s still dangerous for crab fisherman to sail the open seas of the Arctic Ocean.  The upside is that technological advancements in navigation equipment, the ship’s hull, and many other tools they use to get the job done have made it safer to push harder for a higher bounty.

Ergonomic tech tools keep our bodies safer

For those who work in more of an office environment, the danger of developing chronic, painful conditions, and even blood clots is much higher.  Thankfully, technology makes several loopholes for those who are willing to invest in the most ergonomically designed equipment.

Advancements in security keep us safe

For those who work in a particularly dangerous public service position, technology advancements in bulletproof glass, kevlar vest protection, and many other aspects of self-defense.  It’s not quite as easy as it used to be to rob a gas station, thanks to recent advancements in technology.

Tech makes it possible to get to know someone

For as long as business has been around, it has been hard to find a good match for employers.  Tech makes it easier to thoroughly vet applicants before hiring them.

It costs money to train and prepare new employees, so use the tech tools available to make sure you’re hiring the most suitable applicant.  Psycho killers need not apply.

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