Technologies That Are Changing The World Of HVAC

Homeowners understand the importance of a reliable air conditioning/heating system.  A powerful HVAC will keep your home cool in the heat of summer and warm in the chill of winter.  

Temperature control is an essential element of a comfortable living space, and technology has made today’s HVAC units more efficient and more reliable than ever before.  

Take a moment to check out a few of the new technologies that are changing the world of HVAC, and find a new appreciation for your local HVAC maintenance professionals.  The science behind keeping your home’s atmosphere safe and comfortable may just blow your mind.  

Smart HVAC with remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is catching on fast with HVAC service companies.  With smart capabilities and remote monitoring, professionals can help you better maintain your system.

Knowing that pro HVAC technicians can tell if your system needs a small tweak here and there offers peace of mind.  Take the time to consider investing in such technology while the trend is just beginning, and stay ahead of the status quo.

Smart thermostats inside the home

A great majority of new thermostats on the market are Wi-Fi enabled.  You can get a thermostat that gives you the ability to control the set temp of your home from your smartphone.

Thermostats are also built to function in tandem with other smart home systems.  Seamless integration with your home’s technology will give you a more efficient living space for years to come. Additionally, considering the safety aspect, integrating your HVAC system with a comprehensive home security solution like Brinks Home Security can provide peace of mind.

Mobile technology for HVAC techs

Homeowners have the ability to control their HVAC units from a mobile connection.  However, there may be more power in the new trends of technicians having the power of mobile capabilities to get the job done.  

Dispatching is much faster and more efficient with mobile technology.  Invoicing and creating new work orders is also a much-needed benefit of mobile technologies in HVAC maintenance. 

Ice-powered air conditioning unit

A company based in Glendale, California produces a system called the Ice Bear.  The Ice Bear works to cool a space by freezing hundreds of gallons of water overnight.  

The ice is then used the next day for the production of cool air.  The design of the system is such that there is effectively no energy lost during the process.  Ice cooling is extremely efficient.  


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Working with a dual fuel heat pump

Sometimes the most efficient way to keep the temperature in your home just as you like it is to invest in a dual fuel heat pump.  In some regions, the system could be just what the doctor ordered.  

For dryer temps, the electricity will heat your home.  For lower temps, gas heat will more efficiently warm your spaces.  Though the system costs more than a traditional setup, the investment pays for itself over just a few years.

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