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The relationship between employer and employee is one that needs to be built on mutual respect. In addition, relationships between employees need to be strong so that they work well together. Ensuring that employee relations are easier to navigate can take a lot of work, but there are some tech tools that can make everything more manageable. Some tasks can be automated, while others can be monitored more easily. The right tech allows communication to be more open between employer and employee, as well as between different employees. If your business needs to improve how everyone gets along and interacts with each other, you should think about some of these options.


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Getting Off on the Right Foot

Creating the right relationship with an employee can often start right at the beginning. You need to make sure that you”re hiring the right person, while also avoiding any potentially troublesome hiring practices. Looking at a person”s social media has become increasingly common as part of the process to examine a person”s background. But there are concerns this might promote unintentional biases, which are common during recruitment. Automating this part of the recruitment process can help to avoid this by removing the human element. It makes hiring practices more fair to ensure that everyone is treated equally. This tech is still evolving and could do some great things.

In-work Social Media

Social media is now unavoidable, and many employers think about how they might make use of it. Aside from using social media for marketing, it can also be useful for employee relations. Many employers will set up some employees with their own social media accounts for work purposes. However, these can be largely marketing devices. Another way to use social media is as a tool to encourage communication between employees and with higher-ups.

Some companies might choose to use an existing social network, like Twitter or Facebook has launched a platform called Workplace which offers an office-friendly way of using Facebook among people in a business. However, others turn to custom social networks built entirely for business. These can provide secure places where employees can talk about projects, share files, or just chat casually. They can allow for people to create an event page for the upcoming BBQ or make a group for people to talk about a new project together.

HR Software

If you talk to many employees, it can be hard to find one who doesn’t dislike HR. They might be able to socialize with them outside of work, but in work, human resources are often just a pain. Improving relations between HR and all employees can be a challenge, but there are ways to do it. If you hire an HR consultancy like to tackle management challenges, software is one of the things they might recommend. The right HR software can make a huge difference to how well employee information is managed, and how easy communication between HR and the rest of the company is. HR tech that scales with your business makes it easier to do simple things like request and approve time off or view and change contact details.


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Collaborative Tools

Working together is usually a key element of any workplace. Rarely does someone work completely solitarily, without ever teaming up with anyone else. Collaborative tools help people to work on projects together, and the use of cloud technology often makes it easier to get the best tools for the job. Some collaborative tools are even free, so starting to use them isn”t much of a risk at all. For example, tools like Google Drive or Evernote are very useful to a lot of businesses. Employees should be able to work on a single document together or carry on a conversation with ease.

Go Mobile

Mobile technologies have grown a lot in recent years, and they are now very important in a number of ways. People use mobile tech in a number of different ways, both at home and at work. Using mobile technologies can be useful in a variety of work environments, including in offices and for people who are out in the field. Mobile tech can help when two people are on opposite sides of the office, or when someone is out of the office for the day. It”s useful for traveling employees, such as salespeople, who need to track expenses and keep in touch with their employer during the day. It can be used on business trips or during conferences and trade shows to make it possible to access any necessary information and resources.

Stay in Touch with Remote Employees

Many businesses today have remote employees, who work from home or wherever is convenient for them. Communicating with these employees, whether that”s to offer them real-time feedback on their performance at work, or via meetings that they need to be part of, can be difficult, even though there are lots of tools available to help. Keeping in touch with remote employees can be done using a variety of methods, depending on which ones work for your business. For some, emails and instant messaging are appropriate. Others might prefer phone calls, or even video calling if it’s important to communicate “face to face”. It can be hard to manage relationships with people who aren’t physically present, but it is achievable.

Bringing Fun Tech into Work

Another type of tech it”s interesting to consider is anything that could bring fun to the workplace. This might include things like TVs or video games, which encourage employees to spend time together and socialize. Many companies make an effort to provide entertainment for employees so they can relax on their break, or even give them the freedom to take a break whenever they want to. Tech companies, in particular, might find it fun to offer entertaining tech, from virtual reality headsets to silly gadgets like self-stirring mugs. Making the workplace a bit more fun can be a huge morale booster. Some tech additions can get people talking and encourage them to have fun together, which is important for stronger relationships.

Strengthening relationships among employees and employers can be done with the right tech. However, it”s also important to understand people.

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