How and where do startups hire copywriters?

Every startup makes it a point to launch a website as soon as possible. The website becomes the online face of the startup and gives it much needed traction. But creating a website alone is not enough. That website has to be found on search engines for it to become visible.

But how does a website become popular and rank high on search engines? Only through quality content. The startups aim of hiring lean, and tend to outsource most of the work. Copywriters for their websites are almost always freelancers. What factors do startups weigh in before hiring a copywriter?


A writer’s portfolio gives insight into his or her writing style. It is imperative to scrutinize multiple articles written by the copywriter and check for grammatical errors, depth in vocabulary, eloquence and also the level of research done on the topic.


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Startups have specific niches. It could be a company in tech, business or entertainment. Finding a writer that is experienced and prolific in that particular genre is the key. Again, this information can be found in the writer’s portfolio.


Once you have keyed in on a few writers whose style matches your requirement, you need to discuss and agree on a price. Freelancers charge by the assignment, either on per word, per page or per hour basis. As a startup, be vocal about your budget and express what you’re willing to pay. If you promise recurring work, most writers will be willing to compromise on the price.

Time Sense

A good website has quality content, a brilliant website has quality content posted regularly. If your writer has genius skill but delivers only one article per week, he’s of not much use to you. If your writer does not meet deadlines and constantly procrastinates, it’s going to be a hassle working with them. Find out if the writer is swamped with projects or has enough time to spare on a regular basis to deliver articles. You need to hire a copywriter who is skillful in writing and delivers on time.


Finally, the hired writer has to be always reachable. Or at least most of the time. When startups hire freelancers, they don’t always work in the same location as the startup. Most communication happens over the phone or online. In that case, you need to be able to reach your writer when you have new projects or when submitted projects need corrections. If you’re constantly hit with busy tones or your writer does not pick up your call, it will end up being extremely frustrating. Clearly mention what you expect from the writer from day one.


These are 4 key points not only startups, but every company that hires freelance copywriters looks into. It’s worth putting in some time in screening to ensure both you as a startup and the hired copywriter have a fruitful union.

Approaching a platform that hosts talented copywriters is important. Platforms like Contentmart have made sure each of the key points is highlighted so clients can make an informed choice. Every writer has a portfolio, and the cost is decided beforehand. Contentmart maintains strict deadlines giving the client freedom to opt for a new writer if the deadlines are not met.

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