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Are you a music lover? If you are, then I hope that you all might have experienced Spotify, Saavn, Soundcloud, Smule, Pandora and various attractive applications of music. Several musicians and entrepreneurs are looking ahead in creating a music store and startups through which you all can stay entertained. Some of the trending startups of music are listed in today”s article. Let us have a look over them.


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Kroomsa is a musicology startup established by Paras Chopra through which artists can upload favorite music which can be downloadable and accessible online at distinct channels and tune systems. You can also listen to your favorite songs via this startup. This is a platform designed especially for musicians, singers, and orchestras to showcase the hidden talent present within themselves. The best part of this startup is that you can earn money with your music and donate at NGOs such as CRY, Help Age India, etc. Kroomsa gives away 20% of the ad revenue to NGOs, 40% to the artist or band, and keeps 40% for their expenditures. The unique part of this startup is that advertisements are embedded within the song itself. Kroomsa is an outstanding platform for self-governing troops and musicians.


Marvix was organized by Param Arunachalam, a former employee of Infosys who possesses 14 years of experience. The main aim of Marvix is to be India”s influential music discovery engine. The partners of Marvix are Thejesh GN working as a technical artist, Santosh Patil as Content Manager, Gururaj Kruishnappa and Fidel Dsouza as Content Analyst. They all created a platform marked as MySwar is accessible on both Android and iOS apps and is regarded as the most wide-ranged guide to Bollywood music and for non-film music. Marvix has a wide range of specifications dated from 1941 to today. Their database includes artist profiles, bonds, and honor information of the participants and also tag songs with multiple gifted features such as class, instrumentation, rate, and many more. MySwar empowers users to listen to songs preview clips for 30 seconds.

3.From Mug To Mike

If you are a bathroom singer who converts your mug as a mike, then I hope that this startup will be the perfect choice to showcase your talent. Founded by Sunil Koshy, an enlightened singer, and techie, who has registered with some of the well-known leading musicians like Keith Peters, Alwyn Fernades, Ustad Faiyaz Khan, and the prime lyricist Jayant Kaikini. The founder and his wife are aiming to create a new route for potential singers by convoying seminars where the participant can record their voices at high-end studios. Moreover, Mug To Mike also provides a detail of the participant”s performance, strength and the areas to be improved. They also organize shows with celebrities and famous singers.


Have you ever seen a music stage where you can do various tasks? If you are not so, then I hope that this startup will be helpful to you. MuSlate is a startup founded by Rohit Goyal in 2013. is a sole platform where all music lovers can not only listen to music but also can upload, build, share, and promote their tunes without any approval charges. allows music lovers to access music anytime at anyplace by just logging in with their account. MuSlate allows singers to stay united with the top artists all over the world.


These are the few startups through which you can enhance your singing skills and showcase your hidden talent to this world. You can also go with the best receiver for turntable and enjoy sounds without any obstacles and artificial moments. I hope that the article was helpful.

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