Social Media Sharing Strategies You Should Be Using

Social media can be a time-sucker. Work smarter instead of harder by following these sharing tips.

  1. Make sure that your network will benefit from what you’re sharing. Is the content useful? Will your audience want to thank you for it? Then, would their audience thank them? You want to post content that’s share-worthy. By thinking of your audience and beyond, you create a broad audience of people who will benefit from your business.
  2. Does the content make an impact? Content can be more than simply useful. It can be hilarious, ridiculous, or shocking. Some content simply has to be passed on so that others can experience the laugh, awe, or rage. You should share content that makes your audience say, “Wow, I absolutely have to help spread this around.”
  3. While you’re building your own brand, your audience is building theirs. What content will make them look cool or smart to their audience? Don’t think about how to target your audience; instead, think about what they’re sharing with their audience. If you would want to see something in your own feed, that’s a great sign that your audience will appreciate it, too.
  4. When writing content, ask yourself if you would e-mail the content to a friend. Most people have at least one friend who would find the topic at hand interesting. If you’d pass it along, you’re on the right track. If you don’t think it’s interesting enough to share with your own circle, take a step back and reconsider the content.
  5. Figure out when you should post, then figure out what you should post at those times. Finding out when your audience is online is easy, especially with social media analytics. Then, post the same kind of posts at those times and measure which ones had the most engagement. Continue trying this with different posts until you come up with a specific schedule of what and when to post.
  6. Focus on posting toward the end of the week on Facebook, when engagement rates are higher. On Thursday and Friday, posts get 18% more engagement than earlier in the week. You’ll also do well on weekends, when posts see 32% more engagement.
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  8. To stand out on Twitter, post during off-peak times, like on the weekends. There’s less competition and click-through rate is high on Saturday and Sunday. Also, post when people are naturally taking a break during the day, like when commuting home from work or during lunch.
  9. When posting on Google Plus, aim for weekdays, late in the morning. This is when the audience on Google Plus is at their most active. There’s also a Timing Plus tool that will analyte your posts to figure out which times are best for you to post.
  10. There’s nothing wrong with uploading a Pin here and there during the week, but to get the most bang for your buck, get active on Pinterest on Saturday morning. Late nights are also popular.
  11. Post on LinkedIn right before people get to work or right after they leave. Users aren’t necessarily checking their accounts while they’re at work, but they are looking at them when they’re still in work-mode, like when gearing up for the day or reflecting on it.
  12. Be consistent with your posts. People like routine and they’ll get used to how you post. For example, if you use a quote, always use quotation marks. Also, you should always put a link one-quarter of the way into a Tweet, and stick to 130 or fewer characters on Twitter.
  13. When you want to share content, don’t just stick to the title. Look for the share-worthy nugget of information and share that then include a link to the content as well. This will help attract readers.

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