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It is remarkable how home based landline phones are still in existence, despite having seen more than 100 years of daylight. One only has to consider the rate at which technologies get obsolete and replaced to appreciate the stability and sustenance of the home based landline telephony system. Of course, telephone service companies that invested millions of dollars to set up expensive infrastructure decades ago are still hunting to skim the maximum out of the investment before mobile telephony truly takes over.

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There is ample demand in the market, and this has led landline service providers to increasing the rates associated with these services. Particularly for long distance and international calls, the prices associated with landline phone usage are considerable. Moreover, voicemails, called ID facility, and international calling can make your landline phone bills swell up all the more. So, why not expand your understanding about some obvious and some not so obvious landline replacements? That’s what we have in store for you in this guide.

Go mobile – and you always knew it was an option!

Not very long ago, mobiles were bulky, clumsy, and heavy devices that were never too much fun to carry around, apart from the status appeal they created. However, cell phones have come up as obvious replacements of all sorts of fixed line telephones today, and have really expanded the scope of capabilities associated with a telecommunication device. If you are still stuck with a landline phone at your house or office, despite having a personal mobile device, it’s time you considered optimizing the mobile plan to accommodate your home calling and international calling needs. If you have family members who stay back at home for most part of the day, and that’s why you’ve been sticking to the dull old landline phone at home, this is the right time for you to bring home a smaller and more potent mobile device that can easily replace the landline.


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Endow the home use cell phone with a bulk use plan (considering that more than one member of your family will be using it), and you are good to go. No more having to struggle with inflated landline bills because of those unidentifiable multi-hour long conversations with long separated cousins living in different continents. In fact, with a dedicated mobile phone for replacement your landline phone, you can enjoy the convenience that comes with a cell phone, such as contacts list, messaging, etc. A word of caution though – treat the case as a need for replacing the landline, not as buying a new phone, so that you don’t overspend.

VOIP Providers – the smart one’s alterative for landline phones

Don’t get bogged down, after you read this section, you will be perfectly aware of how VoIP works. Abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is the best blend of phone style calling and internet style speed and agility. Using VoIP, users can be able to replace their landline phones with a more affordable option. VoIP service works by transmitting your phone calls over a digital connection to any desired part of the world. Using our home broadband service, you can have a fully functional VoIP setup in place for all kinds of calling. Your VoIP service provider will provide a compact little router that can connect with the modem and the wiring of the landline system. Once the setup is done, you can enjoy using your landline handset to make all those calls, but without the worry of swollen up bills at the end of the month.

Several VoIP service providers offer some useful service benefits; for instance, Lingo, Vonage, and local cable companies offer free routers and reasonable monthly charges for the VoIP service. For anything close to $25 a month, you could enjoy uninterrupted internet based calling through landline phone. Want to call your relatives in Mexico and Canada? Check out lucrative VoIP plans that include free calling to some countries, and beat the international calling charges that traditional landlines levy upon you. Focus on more pressing matters – get your investments sorted out, consolidate credit cards debts and pending payments, fine tune your budget and spending, cut down on unnecessary expenses such as landline phone bills, and you will find more financial leeway in your life than you would have hoped for.

As inexpensive as free – the wonders of computer telephony

As you hunt for inexpensive alternatives to expensive landline phones, are you prepared for the serendipity of something totally free coming your way? With computer based telephony services that use internet for voice calling using the computer hardware components, you can enjoy timeless and limitless international calling, for free. All you would need to pay for is the inexpensive equipment like a microphone and speakers for the computer (which you probably already own), and the negligible amount of electricity used to power the PC! Let’s know more about some of the most popular internet and computer based telephony systems that are already giving landlines a serious run for their money –


This chat and talk tool uses Internet to connect to any computer that has the software installed, and uses the speaker and microphone to allow voice calls. You can even call telephone numbers using Skype, with the SkypeOut service. The core Skype software installation and voice calling service are free, and SkypeOut costs a fraction of monthly landline bill amounts.

Google Voice

Anybody having a Google account can install a Gmail plugin to be able to make calls from the computer. Calling using Google Voice within US Is free, which makes the service a very popular one. Even international calls are reasonably priced, much less than what it would cost you with a landline phone. Call forwarding, porting of your own number, selective free calling to a preferred group – all these features make Google Voice a sophisticated alternative to landline phones. So, make the smart choice today; if your landline is a weight on your back, it’s time to throw it off.

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