Smart DNS Proxy is Smarter than Most Other VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is often required for various purposes. The most common use of VPN is to get a virtual network location to access some restricted web services, or to increase network security especially when doing some online monetary transactions. However, there are other uses like establishing communication between two offices through a dedicated VPN tunnel to perform tasks more effectively and with higher security standards. Whatever be the reason, there are a lot of proxy services one can use at any given time. Smart DNS Proxy is one of the best DNS server providers out there who can meet all your requirements.

About Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy is a VPN mostly used for unblocking websites. Many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora etc. are country restricted and if someone needs to visit these websites from outside the permitted global regions, they would need to make the connection through a tunnel which Smart DNS Proxy can very easily achieve. The VPN service provided by Smart DNS Proxy is accessible via any platform – PC, Android, iOS etc. as well as consoles like Xbox, PlayStation etc.


Working Procedure

Basically, a whole lot of VPN servers have been placed all across the world to provide fast and secure VPN service to the subscribers of Smart DNS Proxy. No app installation is required on the user’s end to use Smart DNS Proxy, the process has been simplified down to changing an IP address only – the DNS IP address in your device’s network settings. If you use multiple devices under one home network, it is suggested that you change the DNS IP inside your router settings. For any other cases, the user might just change the DNS IP on their respective devices.

Once the DNS IP had been changed, all the DNS requests will be redirected to the respective servers via the Smart DNS Proxy servers instead of some local DNS server, hence the requested server will not know from where the request was actually originated. Necessary levels of security is provided in all Smart DNS Proxy servers, no separate security measures are required.

Setup Smart DNS Proxy in your Device

Advanced users would know where to fiddle with the DNS IP address. However, the lesser tech-oriented people might not know the insights of the computing devices, and the whole process could be terrifying. Smart DNS Proxy website provides a simplified guide for setting up the DNS in any device. Click on this link and simply select your device from the drop down lists on the page, and click on the orange ‘Setup’ button next to the dropdown.

Free Trial for 14 Days

Smart DNS Proxy is a paid service, however the subscribers get to avail a 14-day free trial period to assess the service provided by Smart DNS Proxy. By using the Sign Up page on Smart DNS Proxy website, this free trial offer could be availed. The transaction is secured by Norton Security.


On overall assessment, this Seychelles based company turns out to be a great VPN provider in terms of features and security. If you require an affordable VPN provider, Smart DNS Proxy would be a good pick.

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