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Are you starting a new business? Are you planning to expand your business in a domestic and international market? Do you feel the concept of physical workplace financially hindering and irrelevant? If you answered positively for any of the above questions, VIRTUAL OFFICE is your ultimate solution!

Today, more than 35% of businesses worldwide are utilizing Virtual Offices with a Virtual Phone System. This number is expected to reach around 50% by the next decade.

What is Virtual Office?

A virtual office refers to workplaces that are functional through Web-based communication and computing technologies.

A virtual office offers businesses a physical address and office-related services without the strains of physical office. With a virtual office, staff will work from anyplace however still utilize an address and phone answering. Additionally, businesses can use Virtual Phone System, Email services, meeting rooms, video conferencing and lot more at a lower price and with greater flexibility.

Features of Virtual Office


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24/7 Call Answering

A Virtual office offers 24/7 telephone answering and call handling with CallHippo Business phone system at your office.  When you’re unavailable at office, all your calls will be answered and forwarded it to you if necessary. You will have your very own telephone line and receive your own phone number unique to your organization.

Business Address

With CallHippo you can get an address for your business in 50+ countries. An address at a reputed business hub or a local downtown can work wonders for your business!

Personalised Voicemail

Allow your callers to leave a message when you’re not available. A customized voicemail welcoming message can be recorded introducing the organization name and requesting that the caller leave a message. This voicemail will be directed to your email where it can be easily accessed.

Virtual Phone Number

Your business telephone number is the main customer touch point for your company. Getting a Virtual Phone System will create an appealing brand image. You can get local or a toll-free phone number where your customers can easily contact!

Benefits Of Virtual Offices

Advantages For Internet-Based Businesses

Virtual offices can be a boon for Web-based businesses. Online businesses do not need to bother with a physical office area for its representatives. They can use Virtual offices for all their trade and services.

Efficient Employees

Employees that work from home or a location of their choice and approach a virtual office setup are more joyful and efficient in business. While working in a virtual office, employees have the choice to design their own workspace and access virtual offices, they will probably remain on-schedule, finish more work, and work with a business for a more drawn out timeframe.

Get Local Address And Phone Number

A virtual office also includes a physical location and genuine telephone number. You can Buy Local Phone Numbers and create a local presence at your desired location. Business address and a virtual phone number can help to build a reputation in the local market and gain trust among customers.

Increase In Punctuality

When you make a virtual office organize for your business, you have a higher attendance rate and fewer employees calling in sick or asking for time off. As employees can work from anyplace, their work can likewise go anyplace.

Minimize Investments

There are many expenses expected with setting up a new business or even in expanding your existing business. That accompanies finding and renting a building, making office space for managerial purposes, and paying for legitimate licensing fees. A virtual office can help in cutting huge costs, which you can utilize in other areas of business or simply for future growth.

Worldwide Connections

With the Internet, you can have a workforce that is located anywhere in the world use your virtual office and virtual Office Phone Numbers. Employees can chip away at adaptable calendars in their particular time zone and adjust their work timings similarly.

Why Use Virtual Phone Number

  • Using virtual numbers makes it simple for you to define the trail your customers take when they call your business.
  • A virtual number app permits your team to have multiple co-occurring conversations. If one amongst your agents is busy, the call can automatically transfer to the next agent within the team, therefore, the caller will never have to wait.
  • Virtual Business Phone Systems help to bring efficiency amongst employees.
  • Virtual Call forwarding helps customers get connected to the right people time efficiently, thereby helps to create an impression of professionalism in the process.

How To Set Up Your Virtual Office

  • Decide a location for your business.
  • Set up Office Phone Number with help of CallHippo.
  • Buy Local Phone Numbers or Toll-free number as per your requirement.
  • Set up email, data backup, and recovery.
  • Set up Voicemail, greeting message and other settings.
  • Train your staff.
  • Check your analytics and you are good to go!

Virtual offices are becoming extensively popular and are seen as a cost-effective alternative to running any business. Set up your virtual business with a virtual office number with CallHippo and take your business to new heights today!

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