What Makes Effective On-Site Content?

There are two varieties of content marketing in the digital age. Both on-site and off-site content can have a very positive impact on your online visibility, and as Google and other search engines continuously tweak their search-quality rating guidelines and algorithms, it’s up to every website owner to ensure that they have the best quality content that they can produce. The question of just what makes for quality on-site content can be easily answered. The challenge is making sure that every piece of content that you produce for your site covers the basics and remains informative and entertaining for site visitors. If you”re hoping that your online visibility will ensure that you are the go-to website for your customers, here’s how to use on-site content to improve your rankings on the world’s search engines.


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Know your audience

Your first step towards the creation of the best content is to understand just who the readers/viewers are going to be. Your initial market research will have given you the relevant insights into your main audience, and you need to tailor your content to that audience. Different age groups, genders, and professions all use the internet in different ways and in different places, so it’s essential that you have some understanding of just what you need to create and where it needs to go for maximum visibility. Some general tips that should be applied to every piece of content are:

Avoid industry slang and jargon – the need for transparency and being easily understood is vital.

Promote yourself – Your content needs to help you stand out from your competitors, which is why you need to mention your unique selling points. This can be your personal skills and experience, or special deals that you can promote such as next-day delivery or 100-day returns.

Internal links – Throughout your content should be a number of links. Some of these will no doubt send readers off to reputable sites that reinforce your own authority, but should also include some internal links that take them to new pages on your site.

Call to Action – At the end of every piece of content that you create or commission, there needs to be an action that the viewer or reader can respond to. If you have someone who has read a 1000-word article, then they’re invested in your content and can be encouraged to either share the content, sign up for a newsletter, or even buy a product.

Smart content for a smarter business

As well as the basics, there are also a number of additional elements that you are going to need to consider. The first is the need to make use of keywords. These are an important aspect of the search engine functionality, and your research will have highlighted the best keywords to be using for your business. If you struggle with these technical elements, then it may be worth making use of professional developers such as Blackbelt Commerce, who can help guide your content creation and make it much more likely that you rank well with Google.

Unlike offsite content, your on-site content can be styled to reflect your brand’s tone of voice, making it far easier to create than off-site content. Ensure that you keep your content informative, and remember to pay close attention to your headlines, and your on-site content could be your most effective marketing tool.

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