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Losing data from your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch is accidental, yet fairly common. Your device just might stop working one fine morning and the last resort you would have is factory resetting it using the iTunes software. Or even worse, it could have a hardware malfunction which could require somewhat of a hard reset without any possible chance of getting your data back from your device; if you haven’t made a data backup earlier. Whatever may be the case, losing data are serious issues and you definitely needy your data back. Coolmuster Data Recover software gets all your data back at ease and keeps you tension free.

So basically 9 types of data stored are recoverable using this software. These types include all browsing and call history, calendar events and reminders, notes, contacts and definitely text messages. No physical link between the device and your computer is necessary as you simply regain your data from your iTunes account.

How Coolmuster Data Recovery Works

Basically, it’s an efficient way of recovering your iTunes backup data. If you find your iOS device is empty and has lost all data it contained, simply go over the last iTunes backup that was automatically created during the automated sync during your last connection. Preview your backup data and make a selective restore if you want. Best part of the software is, it supports all generation of iOS devices since the iPhone 3GS. We don’t believe someone would be keeping some very important data on an iPhone 3G or the 2G and would want them back in case of an accident; so that’s why Coolmuster doesn’t include those generations.


Coolmuster sorts the file in an easily discoverable way. Different categories of files are stored into different folders for easy retrieval and putting into targets conveniently.

How to Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone

Call logs are often necessary. Especially if you have left an unsaved number on your recent call log or some client’s number that you would have to hesitate to ask again. Before worrying about losing your business reputation, try out Coolmuster’s call log recovery feature. Connect your phone to the computer, run a scan for latest iTunes backup files in the history and from the left column, select Call History. Find the latest backup, check the box to its left and click ‘Recover’ in the bottom. The recovery of deleted call history on iPhone will be done.

How to Recover Lost Messages from iPhone 6
We have picked the latest iPhone 6 for this operation. Same procedure applies for recovering deleted text messages on an iPhone 6. Connect your phone, find the latest backup, check the box and click on Recover. There would be few options and you can conveniently restore any of the saved backup files. This is how easy performing a recovery of lost messages from iPhone 6 is!

Is the Software Full-Proof?

Depends on how often you sync your phone with the iTunes software. Every time the sync takes place, there’s a new copy of backup file overwritten into your hard drive. If your latest backup was made some few months ago, you might not get the latest backup files. Creating regular backups is a safety measure for all iPhone users.


Despite being a free software, this one barely contains any ad or spam. You get free service without any botheration and depending on your interval of syncing device; you are ensured of getting all your data back. What more would you ask for?

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