Play Android Games On PC Using Andy

It has now become a fashion to get the Android apps and games on the computer. Earlier it was mostly restricted to people who do not have the Android Smartphones but now everybody wants to have the games and apps on their desktop which can’t be possible without Android Emulator. According to the users of the Smartphones who get their Android application downloaded in their PC says that it is easy for them to concentrate in their work better as now they have everything in one place.

Now they won’t have to get up from their seat to fetch their phone and reply to the friend who have just sent a message or when they are completely bored with their work they can simply play their favorite games like Clash of Clans on their personal computer only.

Features of Andy

Due to the aforementioned reasons Android emulator has come into the scenario and today we will be discussing about Andy. Andy is not just an emulator, but much more than that. Here are some of the features that you will be enjoying if you are using Andy to make the Android apps and games work on the desktop as well.

  • Using the phone as a joystick
  • Easy download of messenger apps as well
  • Streaming between PC and mobile made easy
  • Comes free of cost
  • Limited storage is not a thing of concern anymore

Multipurpose Emulator Called Andy

If you are playing some games on your desktop, then you can easily use your Cell phone as a remote. This is definitely good news for all the Android game lovers as they will now be enjoying the games by phone turned into joystick even better.

It doesn’t restrict itself only to gaming you can easily download all the messenger apps with the help of this emulator. It comes totally free of cost, but the features that it have is not easily available in paid emulators too. The best part is that the streaming is done without getting hooked on to any wireless connection or any other connection.

Comparing Andy with the Paid Version

When you are considering Andy then you will be glad to see where others are lagging and where Andy is path breaking in many ways. Andy provides access to various local file systems and also has the hardware console compared to the paid emulator like YouWave. Apart from these features Andy is also known for microphone integration and camera integration with developer support. Users are enjoying these extra features for free and when so many new and useful things can be enjoyed for free then why would someone pay extra!

Emulator – One and For All

The storage is one big concern for everybody, therefore the makers of Andy made it a point that they would come out with something that will go beyond the storage constraint. Thus Andy has been able to overcome the storage barrier which is definitely good news for the developers and also for the people who loves to have all their apps and games at one place.

The developers with the help of Andy can now come up with many interesting apps which can be used anywhere you want. Even the screen size is not a matter of concern anymore. Andy seems to be invincible and nothing can stop him from helping the users with what they want.

Andy is compatible with Mac and PC equal and it comes in with the unlimited storage ability, ensuring that users are enjoying the maximum benefit from this android emulator.

Decision Making Made Easy

Now when you have gone through all the features of this Android emulator it is for sure that you will love to enjoy its feature yourself! Then what are you waiting for it is completely free so just get going.

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