Online Marketing Strategy and Tips for Small Businesses

WixBusinesses have changed a lot more than they ever did. Now any business would go a long distance, be it a small local retail shop or an international chain if the marketing is done right. The online availability and activity of the brands can make that happen so, and also lots of the consumer base of any business is now reachable through online social networks. Since these networks are free to the users, businesses can now use them to reach more customers at lesser effort and achieve higher efficiency. Time consumption is brought down to a near-zero waste, every spare second could now be utilized on things that matter in an online marketing strategy.

While online marketing could be more effective with lesser time consumption, it doesn’t necessarily mean the methods are inexpensive, nor it means that all the attempts in online marketing are worth giving a shot. Having an online presence is the most important thing before initiating an online marketing campaign.

Make your branding be heard!

To kickstart a marketing campaign online, the first and foremost requirement is to create a website that will be the face of a brand in cyberspace, as well as a hub to connect the customers to the owners of the business. Making a website isn’t a very difficult job in today’s era, but not everyone comes with a readymade skill set of coding seemingly ‘gibberish’ programming languages and come up with an absolutely perfect looking website. Learning takes time, but competitive businesses can’t afford much time for learning from the scratch.

Wix is the solution one can go for! They have YouTube videos where the in-depths of making a website are clearly explained, and it will surely be able to change someone’s mind with relevant presentations. Basic knowledge on a website’s design, content arrangement and SEO methodologies are explained, and more could be found in the Wix Education YouTube Channel.

Here’s a snippet of what the whole story of website making would look like.

5 Tips on Online Marketing

How do you get the best online marketing coverage on cyberspace; with which you might not be much acquainted with, but need to embrace the very core of it to rise in your business? Well before you get into actually setting up a business, you better know how to promote your business first!

Well, here are 5 easy tips for you to help promoting your business to the fullest.

  • Initiate a Blog: Not every blog has to be a typical everyday weblog, instead they could be used for marketing purpose as well. But, be tricky about what you are doing. Don’t make your business website look like a typical handbill with boring offers, but put enough effort so that they would attract consumers into your products without incurring additional costs on their end. A blog is one of the easiest online marketing strategies for new companies, and affiliate marketers. While blogging, make sure the website has at least two new posts each week related to your product or service in order to be properly noticed by the search engine crawlers.
  • Social Media Marketing is the Key: The previous generation of online marketers have had a bad time finding ways to reach the consumers. Spamming a customer’s mailbox with promotional offers may have looked like a good idea for that specific time, but now it appears that no one even clicks on an unread email listing in the Spam or Junk box these days. Unlikely, social media posts hold a higher possibility of being seen or viewed if they are interesting, people would just click on most stuff they see on a social network.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest: Focus on choosing a platform that people goes through on their spare time. Facebook is the best option any online marketer can avail, and then Instagram where every personal moment of an individual would go online in seconds. Pinterest is little different but since people pin their different interests on a common platform, a startup brand with proper promotion could earn several pins (that means people’s interest!) in a shorter time.
  • Webinars: With worldwide internet bandwidth getting higher, watching a live stream online is much easier than it had ever been before. People are more serious about brands or products that announce new updates on their newest products or updates through live streaming, and as an overall output the brand reputation gets better.
  • Recruit Affiliate Marketers: Affiliates with your brand could market the products for you at a much cheaper price. These affiliate companies thrive on selling third party products, you could put your brand name in the list as well. However, a bad affiliate can drown your reputation within minutes – be very careful about who you choose to be your affiliate.

Wix.Com for your Website

No matter what type of website you require, got your back. Just click on the desired type e.g. Business, Online Store, Events, Blog, Portfolio & CV or whatever else and will help you create a website. No coding is required, being able to operate a computer and dragging and dropping contents on a blank page is all it takes.  Wix offers four well-organized plans for creating websites, ranging from $4.08/month to $16.17/month.

With millions of active users worldwide, will certainly be able to meet all sorts of website development and designing needs.


Online footprint is very important in online marketplace; to brand a new product or service. Convincing a new customer is the hardest thing to do in a business, and having a website can certainly lift off a whole lot of stress off a new online marketer.

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