Mobile Phones with High Utility and Cost Effectiveness

Smartphones are getting less expensive these days. With the price, their functionality and advanced features aren’t going down in a proportional rate; though. The technology is becoming more cost effective and hence available to mass of people. Android makes it possible; since the open source operating system runs on pretty much every piece of hardware that is capable of running Android. However, there are plenty lots of local and international branded mobile phones that are rich in utility value and offer the cost effectiveness you are looking for. We have reviewed the online markets and picked up a few Mobile phones above Rs 10,000 for a better shopping guide.

Idea Ultra Mobile Phone

Indian lineup of consumers should have heard about the smartphones Idea market. Ultra is the latest addition to their smartphones range and it is one of the least expensive yet very high in offering smartphones. The smartphones has an impressive 5 inch display which helps daily tasks being done at ease. The 1.2 GHz quad core processor could handle all multitasking needs at ease and the 4GB internal memory provides adequate memory for app installation. The battery is 2000 mAh which is slightly small, but good enough to get you going throughout the day. This smartphone is specially tailored to suit the basic needs of the youth or young executives. All standard connectivity features area available. Price – 10,180 INR.

Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392

If you are into big brand names, the the Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 might be your best pick for a budget of around INR 10,190. The smartphone’s hardware configuration would seem a little backdated according to today’s standards, but for the budget it surely gets you everything. The phone has a 4 inch display containing 480×800 pixels resulting in a productive 233 ppi pixel density. The phone has 4 GB internal storage for downloading apps and the 1 GHz CPU is backed up by a 512 MB RAM. The Samsung phone is little high in price but it offers better durability and performance.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 7562

The Indian market surely loves Samsung; since we got to see a lot of Samsung phones while going through the popular smartphones in the market. However, this smartphones offers you the convenience of using two SIMs in a single smartphone. The phone runs by a 1 GHz Cortex A5 processor backed up by 768 MB of RAM. The 4 inch display is good for daily haul. This smartphone is priced to sell at INR 10,250.

Nokia Lumia 520

How we miss the days when Nokia used to rule the whole mobile phone market! Those days might have been gone but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Nokia doesn’t still make some good smartphones. The Nokia Lumia520 is a good smartphone that comes with the state of the art Nokia class durable build quality and Windows operating system. The phone despite having only 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM is a pretty fast performer, thanks to Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. Nokia Lumia 520 price is INR 10,250 in India.

Nokia Lumia 525

The Nokia Lumia 525 was little low on the RAM’s edge. If you want a 1GB RAM and smoother performance, this is the smartphone to opt for. There aren’t many differences between the Lumia 520 and Lumia 525 though, only the RAM. However, this bigger RAM phone would cost you a slightly bumped up price of INR 10,499.


On the lower side of price range, these smartphones are sufficient on the performance end. You may have to make some sacrifices but when summed up, all smartphones do pretty much the same job.

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