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The iOS 7 system update for Apple”s iPhones uses more battery life than it”s predecessor, iOS 6. However, there are numerous ways that consumers can limit the impact of the software update.

Turning Off Apps That Run In The Background

Each operating system run by iPhones gives the option to close applications that run in the background. However, some consumers may want to leave specific apps open for further use. In order to limit the battery life impact, iPhone users can limit the amount of apps that are downloading data in the background. Consumers can go into Settings and find Background App Refresh in order to turn off the apps they do not want to refresh in the background.


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Additionally, AirDrop is a new feature of iPhones in the fifth-generation. This interesting tool allows proximally close iPhone users to share files. However, consumers must be in a discoverable mode so that other users can find them in order to share. This feature consumes a significant amount of continuous battery. Consumers that want to save some battery should only turn discoverable mode on when they are about to share information. Anyone looking for any of these new features should utilize

Reduce Motion and Dynamic Backgrounds

One cool feature of the iOS 7 update includes the three-dimensional motion of the icons. This movement is also called the parallax effect. However, the feature is a massive utilizer of the phone”s battery. Turn the feature off in order to improve battery life.

Similar to the issue with parallax motion, the “dynamic” backgrounds of the iOS update drain the battery on iPhones. Constantly moving bubbles in the background are not as efficient an option as the normal “still” backgrounds.

Turn Off Siri”s Unnecessary Feature

There are two ways iPhone users can access Siri”s voice command feature. These methods include either holding down the home button or raising the iPhone to the consumer”s face. However, when the iPhone is raised in order to give a command to Siri, the sensor is constantly trying to sense for that motion. Turning off the “raise to speak” feature will save battery whenever the phone is being used.

Use Wi-Fi Efficiently

Generally, battery life is wasted when the Wi-Fi is left on. Consumers should be aware of scenarios where it is no longer beneficial to keep Wi-Fi off in order to conserve battery life. For example, if cell signal is low, perhaps far into the interior of a building, the constant search for a cellular network drains the battery very quickly. Leaving Wi-Fi on not only improves services like web searching, but also significantly improves the life of the phone”s battery. This battery saving setting would apply to any phone that is Wi-Fi capable. Bluetooth should also not be kept on when not in use.

4G and Long-Term Evolution Efficiency

4G and LTE cell service is significantly faster than their 3G counterparts. Of course, they also require more battery power to support the faster speed. Turn off 4G connectivity when high-bandwidth applications are not being used. 4G might be desired when downloading videos or large files, but otherwise the slightly slower speed will be perfectly fine for most consumers.

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