Learning About Merging Accounts In Salesforce

Today at work I will be learning about merging accounts in salesforce. It is something I knew they would eventually teach me and now it is time. I have been there for four months already and have already been through a lot of training.

Overall I enjoy this job because it allows me to do what I want to do. I like the work, there is just a lot to learn about. I don”t think I will ever know everything there is to know about the job. I am going to try to do my best and keep learning so I can grow and get promotions.

Learning about merging accounts in salesforce has been something I have had my eye on since I started working at my job. It has always interested me and I am looking forward to my training. It will be good and enjoyable to me to do this type of work and use it with what I am already doing.


An Easy Way To Go With Merging Accounts In Salesforce

I was out of a job for five months and it was hard for me. I am used to working and working hard at that. I had been at my previous job for three years but they ended up shutting the office down. I couldn”t have stayed with them if I wanted to.

In the end I was glad to move on, just sad I didn”t have anywhere to go right away. Then I heard about my current job. A friend of a friend told me they had some openings. I decided to apply and they hired me within two weeks, then a week later I was able to start.

I work at a desk with a few other people. It works out well for us and we get a lot done. We have a lot of space and the hours are great. I get there each morning ready to work and I know that most of my coworkers do too. It is nice.

Our boss is a good guy. He works us hard but knows that sometimes personal things come up. My coworker had to leave early one day because her daughter was sick and he didn”t have any issues with that. He knows that we all value the business and our jobs but family is most important.

I had never heard of Salesforce before I started working here. It is a great program and one that helps us get our work done. I am glad that my company likes to use it and they want to train us on the different ways it can help us be better at our jobs, one of these being merging accounts in Salesforce.

If for some reason I had to get a new job someday, I could take the skills from this job and put them on a resume. It will be good for me in the future no matter what happens. I might stay here for a long time or eventually go to work somewhere else. I have to see what happens.

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