Importance of Data Recovery and Backup

Looking for a tool to recover a hard drive, memory card or USB drive? Missing information after a disk failure or accidental formatting? Deleted partitions caused loss of data? Can’t access a disk with Windows?

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is an effective file recovery program and is very similar to take up backup’s.

It has a single program window where you can scan for files to recovery, sort the files, and undelete them. There are no complicated procedures at all. Hard Drive Recovery can recover files from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, and other external drives.

Supporting all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems used in all versions of Windows up to the latest Windows 8.1

Deleted File Recovery

EaseUS recovery software can undelete all types of files from hard disks, USB drives, memory cards and other types of storage media regardless of the file system. Supporting all variations of FAT and NTFS file systems. Main thing it can recover all your photos, files, documents and etc.

Formatted Disk Recover

EasyUs data recovery software recovers information from formatted partitions, deleted volumes and repartitioned hard drives regardless of the type of file system. It can search for deleted partitions and locate missing file systems. Even if the file system is completely empty or missing, the tool can recover the files by applying content-aware algorithms locating files on the disk by their characteristic signatures.

Extracts Information from Corrupted Media

This is the main part and important thing that can save your ass!! Recovers files and folders from damaged, corrupted, unreadable and inaccessible devices such as memory cards, pen drives, external drives and hard disks. Firmware bugs, loose pins and oxidized electric contacts can and do contribute to memory card errors. EaseUs Data recovery software can successfully restore information from inaccessible and unreadable memory cards with corrupted and missing file systems.

These are some problem which would occurred or may have already occurred and searching for a article. To my experience EaseUS data recovery tool is the best tool I have ever met. It save my 500GB hard drive files from getting deleted completely. I am very much thankful to them! The free version of this software only recovers up to 2GB and the paid version has a limit to restore about 1TB.

Download data recovery software from here and comment down your experience with this software. Your feedback is much valuable.

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