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Instagram is the most used social network of photographs and videos worldwide. Little remains of that photo application where users could only apply filters to their photos. And it is that Instagram has evolved a lot with many features that have hooked us, among them highlights Stories (or stories).

Undoubtedly, the Stories have changed the use of Instagram for many users. For this reason, I bring you this article on how to learn to download Instagram stories on your PC or mobile phone:


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How can you download Instagram Stories on your phone or PC?

We”ve said it before, the beginnings of Instagram do not look anything like the current social network. In its first years of existence, Instagram was characterized as a social network of photography nothing more. The aspect ratio was 1: 1, although as time went by, things changed. However, something that they do not allow from the social network is the possibility of downloading photos and Stories.

Instagram stories

Although to download the photographs there are multiple options available (even depending on the operating system that we have), the Stories are relatively simple to download. If there is something that usually leads to the success of something, it is that applications related to this success immediately appear. In the case of the Stories, there have been many apps that have appeared to download them, we will see the options available to the user.

How are Stories downloaded on PC?

In order to start downloading the Stories on your PC, you need to use Google”s Chrome browser. This browser has many extensions and applications that will help you download the Instagram stories. One of these extensions or applications for Google”s browser is Chrome IG Story and it works in a simple way.

First you must install the extension in your Chrome browser. When you have done it, you should go to the Instagram page. Once inside, click with the right button of your mouse on the story you want to download. The best thing about this option is that this extension leaves no trace. That is, the owner of the Storie will not know that you have downloaded his story. A simple and fast method that only forces us to use Chrome and an extension for this browser.

Download Instagram Stories on your cell phone

This method to download the stories to your cell phone only works for Android devices. Since we will need the help of the Google Play Store. When you have your Android phone ready, go to the Google Play Store app store. Once inside you must download an application that allows you to download Instagram stories.

The application that we must download is Story Saver for Instagram. The operation is incredibly simple; it is just enough to click on the Storie that we want to download and press the save button. In this way, you can save all the stories in your gallery of photos and videos from your Android phone. Afterwords, you may access them each time you need!

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