5 Free SEO Resources Every Marketer Should Use

For those involved in internet marketing, driving traffic to your website is the most crucial phenomenon. Spreading the word through friends, family and colleagues is one viable way to drive traffic to your website but certainly not the most assuring one. But thanks to services like SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it becomes easier for you to improve the ranking of your website on search engines which in turn, of course, increases traffic to your website. There are a number of SEO resources available but let”s look at the top 5 SEO Resources every Marketer should use:


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Google Analytics

This is one of the most popular and easy to use resource with a host of features including management of a number of websites from a single account. It is easy to use and includes installation of a custom script on the website. You can track detailed information about the traffic, its location and monetary factors including conversion rates etc.

Google Webmaster Tools

For more in-depth analysis of your website, Google Webmaster Tools provides detailed information about performance and suggestions for changes within the search console. It provides analytics and web performance as an add-on to Google Analytics. This tool also gives you warnings in case the website is in violation of Google policies and if the website is down or needs maintenance. Further information on how your site is been indexed by Google and recommendations for SEO factors is also provided by the tool.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer by Moz aims at increasing the search engine visibility and improving the ranking of the website. It provides SEO metrics for every page visited. Apart from providing analytics, it specializes in providing high-quality inbound link profile. All links which point to your website can be analyzed and the potential paths can be identified this way and unsuitable links can be removed. It can also be used to determine the competitive strategies used by other similar websites. Page and domain authority give this tool an edge when it comes to saving time and streamlining the workflow.


BuzzSumo works as an important tool when it comes to content marketing and SEO campaigns. It provides information on content that is performing well and also the top influencers. It helps to analyze the social footprint and helps in building more effective content strategies. The paid version of BuzzSumo offers a range of features but the free version can be given a try when you need to gather information on the popularity of topics and their influencers.


 Available in both paid and free versions, free SEMRush alone provides a range of features helpful as an effective SEO resource tool. Using this tool you can create a more comprehensive and targeted marketing campaign since it helps to compare and investigate SEO positions with competitor”s position.

Apart from using SEO tools, however, content is the champion when it comes to driving traffic. There are many  essay help websites which you can use to enhance the quality of content on your website. Based on your brand and content you can use the above mentioned tools to plan and execute your SEO strategies. You can experiment with these SEO tools to measure and refine your marketing strategy.

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