Intel’s Real-Time Analytics, Revolutionizing Our Fear of the Future

Whatever you think about the world, we can all agree that the human race faces a lot of problems today. Many of these are in regard to our future. With global temperatures rising and populations swelling, not to mention natural disasters facing even the most developed of developed nations, it’s not hard to see why some people might be a little troubled about what the future might hold.

But Intel is there to smooth the transition from today to tomorrow. With their Real-Time Analytics infrastructure technology, Intel is already at the bleeding edge of meeting the future’s complex needs. Their technology has many applications. It can help govern and regulate every aspect of complex businesses and manufacturing. But it can also help seismologists communicate with technologies all over the state of California, giving residents minutes of warning in the event of an earthquake.

Possibly the most universal and important application of this technology regards the way food is grown. As populations in nations all over the world continue to swell, while record droughts set in at many parts of the globe, there are worries that one day we simply won’t have enough food to go around. This is already the reality in some places. To counter this fear, the world’s farmers are going to have to grow 50% more food by 2050, with no more land to do it in.

Intel is able to let farmers communicate with every process on their farm, through real-time analytics technology. Watering, feeding, pest control, harvest, and everything in between can happen more efficiently and with less guess-work than ever before. It’s just another way that Intel is spreading the communication and technological revolution, in ways that we might not be able to see with our eyes, but ways that will pay off in our lives, today, tomorrow, and a century from now.

Osho Garg

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