Car Companies Look to New Technology to Stay Ahead

The “new frontier” for high tech companies appears to be one that has existed for quite some time – the car. Due to the dangers associated with driving a car while talking on or generally using a cell phone, for example, many states are enacting laws that prohibit this type of use. Tech companies don”t just want you to avoid using your phone altogether on that long ride, however, which is why they”ve increasingly relied on new technology to connect your car to devices like smartphones, tablets and more in both unique and inherently safe ways.

Out of all of the electronics components that car companies are using for your car to connect it to electronics, there are a few in particular that you”ll want to pay attention to.

The Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

One of the biggest technological advancements that cars have made in recent years comes by way of the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Instead of forcing you to try to find a free public Wi-Fi hotspot while you”re traveling, you no longer have to stop at all – the car will literally connect all of your nearby devices to the Internet.

It does this thanks to a tiny antenna embedded in the frame of the car itself that either connects the vehicle to a cellular data network or a satellite Internet connection depending on the situation. Thanks to the increased emphasis on “always on” Internet connectivity on devices like tablets, it makes sense that this antenna has quickly become one of the most important electronics components in a vehicle.

Remote Safety Equipment

Cars have had backup safety cameras and similar types of equipment for at least the last decade, though the electronics components that power them have changed dramatically in the last few years. Modern day safety systems no longer simply alert you to situations where you”re about to back into a wall in a parking lot. Thanks to GPS technology and an active Internet connection, they”re now essentially a live feed that you can access wherever and whenever you”d like.

A few different electronics components make this connection possible. The backup camera system most commonly uses cloud based technology to store video footage on the Internet. Because that footage is not stored on a hard drive in the car, you can access it anytime you”d like from any device on Earth with an active Internet connection.

Autonomous Technology

Autonomous technology will also play an increasingly important role in cars in the next several years. Using autonomous technology like biometric vehicle access, for example, you no longer need your key to gain access to the car – you can just use your smartphone or similar type of device.

Electronics Suppliers

Because these types of technologies are so important, technology companies are having to rely on electronics parts suppliers more and more as time goes on. Consumers have become jaded in many ways – if something doesn”t immediately work the way they want it to, they won”t necessarily take the time to figure out what”s wrong. A single negative experience could sour them not only on the technology in general, but the company that released that product into the world. is an example of an organization that is attempting to address this type of issue head on. Verical is an online marketplace for electronics parts that introduced a pedigree scoring system to help combat the types of issues that are threatening high tech supply chains all over the world.

With Verical, companies are more easily able to avoid counterfeit parts and end up with the electronics components that they need to release the technology that will propel them forward. Not only does this pedigree scoring system give organizations a better chance at understanding which products are right for them before purchase, but it also helps to verify the warranty and other important attributes.

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