Apps that Will Keep Your Fast Life Fun

These days it can be difficult to find time for fun due to our busy schedules and hectic home lives. Still, chances are you manage to look at your smartphone or tablet every so often throughout the day, so we thought we’d find a few of the most fun apps and mobile-friendly sites available so that you can fit a little enjoyment into your agenda.

Speed Shipping

Anyone who is used to the hectic nightmare that is posting parcels at the local post office will absolutely love this app. Shyp is an app that allows you to contact someone who will come and pick your items up from your home, pack them for you and ship them to anywhere in the world by the cheapest, most reliable means available. Simply download the app, take a picture of what you’d like to post, enter the destination and someone will get right on the case.

Gaming On The Go

No matter how busy we become, it’s always important to set aside some time to unwind. Usually, this is done through watching television, reading or gaming. Of course, we prefer the latter so we’ve gone and found you a site with plenty of games. If you enjoy online slot games, mFortune have a plethora of titles that are sure to keep you entertained. Plus, each month they release a brand new game that can not only be played through your mobile or desktop browser but also on its own exclusive mFortune app.

Fast Food

Chances are if you love takeout then you already have our favourite fast food app, but we want to talk about it anyway. GrubHub was one of the first food delivery apps to emerge on the market, and still remains one of the better options. You can search for local restaurants and takeouts, or simply choose a type of food that you fancy and add the dishes that you want to enjoy to your cart. Enter your address and payment method and you’ll have your meal delivered to you in no time.


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Taxi Timesavers

When it comes to taxi service apps, few can even compete with Uber. Though Lyft is the company’s next closest competitor, Uber is still cheaper, has apps available on all smartphones and is more popular around the world. If you’ve never used Uber before, all you need to do is download the app, request a driver and there you have it; an active driver will arrive in no time to give you a lift to your destination.

Social Media In Motion

There is nothing worse than knowing you have to reply to a message on some form of social media, but forgetting which platform you were sent the message on. That’s where the FullContact app steps in. This app compiles all of your contacts from Facebook, emails, your phone contacts, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Skype and many other places and stores them all in one place. That way, you can easily find a message and reply to it before anything gets awkward.

Keeping on top of your schedule is a skill that not many of us have, so it’s always nice to have these apps by your side to help you out in a fun, effective way.

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