Implement Utopia P2P Ecosystem In Your Internet Life!


Would you like to use all the necessary Internet tools in one place, in one open window, and safely and without fear that your Internet activities and personal data will be in the public domain? Today you have such an opportunity!

You no longer need to trust your data to third-party services and programs that can not fully protect you from daily threats. Start using Utopia P2P Ecosystem – a closed system that has a messenger, file sharing, e-wallet, browser, and mining bot! All this is at your disposal, free of charge and safe!

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Treasure of Toolkit

  • uMessenger: Anonymous messenger performs the transfer of instant messages from the sender to the recipient. Each message is securely encrypted and stored only in the correspondence of two people. Besides, you can create private chats and add cool stickers and emojis to each message.
  • uMail: An alternative file-sharing service designed for the rapid and confidential transfer of information. Any user message is securely encrypted and only the recipient has access to it.
  • Idyll Browser: The closed browser has built on the principle of uNS technology. It means that all sites have already been added or created in the ecosystem. So the user does not need to go outside the ecosystem. Thanks to tunnel data technology, each user can create a new website for public use.
  • uWallet: E-wallet, using which you can pay for any goods in the network. Payment is made by the system”s cryptocurrency – cryptons. All payments are anonymous, so the risk that the data of Bank cards will be in the public domain is minimal.


  • Mining bot: Each user can replenish their e-wallet account with Mining bot, which will accrue points for Internet sessions through Utopia.
  • Multiplayer games: The ecosystem provides users with the possibility to play various games. The user can play individually or with friends. Also, at his disposal, two variants of coloring: white and black themes.

Updated safety technologies

Utopia is built on the principle of peer-to-peer architecture. It means that there is no single storage server. Now, the user is a peer. It is both a native repository and a client. Access to the vault opens a personal key generated during registration.

Also, thanks to the latest encryption technologies, all data is securely protected and stored from unauthorized persons. It provides a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

By enabling Hybrid Mode, the user can simultaneously use several tools in one open window: for example, to correspond via messenger, as well as send confidential documents using uMail.

Start using Utopia P2P ecosystem now, no matter what operating system you have Windows, IOS, Linux. The ecosystem has a user-friendly interface that will suit absolutely everyone! Register and implement its features now!

Appreciate the benefits of reliable service!

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