How Technology Can Help You Switch Careers

There are many advantages to modern technology. According to Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a career advancement professional, one of the most important are the new doors it can open within the professional world—mostly thanks to the development of online training and education. While many companies now utilize technology for some or all of their training and education, technology can also be used by individuals to help switch gears. IT or technology professional searching for ways to help take their career to a new level, or in an entirely new direction, can consider the tips below.

Go Back To School

The Internet can be used to earn an entirely new degree within the IT or technology field. For example, earning a degree in Business Management allows technology professionals the ability to develop their leadership skills—to be considered for an entirely new range of job opportunities. Not to mention, the additional degree looks great on a resume. Professionals looking to go back to school can combine live classes with online classes, or returning to school entirely online.


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Update Current Skills

The IT and technology field is one of the fastest growing and fastest evolving industries in the world. This means that being certified or trained in a specific skill set five years ago, may not be sufficient for effectively performing job duties in the current day. It is for this reason that many IT and technology certifications require recertification with regular frequency. According to Eric Savitz of Forbes, those looking to switch careers, updating current skills is not only essential for remaining relevant in the current field of choice—but may be required when trying to switch to a similar position within the industry.

Expand To A New Niche

Most technology professionals have an area of specialty, yet as technology changes and evolves, a new area of interest may arise. If the new area of interest is not available in one”s current place of employment, it may be time to consider a career change. Expanding to a new niche may not require returning to school to earn a new degree, but may instead require investing in online training after work hours. One of the many benefits to online training, is that it can be completed in spare time—and most training courses can be stopped and started as needed. This allows those who are looking to switch careers or expand to a new niche the freedom and flexibility to do so in their spare time.

Launch a Freelance Business

Technology also allows the ability for any professional to launch a freelance business, either fully or partially online. The ability to market services offered through multiple channels of online marketing such as social media, Craigslist, or content marketing—can help technology professionals attract the attention of customers from around the globe. In fact, there are many freelance sites designed solely for freelance professionals. Some freelance sites allow technology professionals to build a portfolio and offer specific services, while others allow IT professionals to bid on projects posted by online clients. Launching a freelance business also allows the ability to focus on precisely what the individual professional most enjoys, opposed to the IT or technology services their employer requires of them.

These are just a few options IT and technology professionals can turn to when looking to switch careers. However, there are a multitude of ways in which technology can be utilized to support a career change.

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