How to Print Android Messages using Droid Transfer

If you’re looking for Android file management and backup apps, Droid Transfer is an excellent choice to help you save all your data with ease. The software doesn’t require for your Android device to be rooted and performs all backups locally either over a WiFi or a USB connection. The software uses a free Transfer Companion app, available on the Google Play store to connect your phone and our computer and transfer all your Android content with ease. The data that can be transferred using Droid Transfer includes Messages, Contacts, Music, Videos, Photos and other files. One of the best features that the app offers you includes the ability to print text messages from your Android device.

How to Print Android Messages using Droid Transfer?

Before we can proceed to guide you how to Print Messages on your Android phone, it would be practical to understand one of the excellent feature that the tool has added through the recent update to the tool.


Droid Transfer now lets you backup and restore the Android messages with ease. This excellent feature can help keep your precious messages when you upgrade to a new Android device or if you need to hard reset your phone for some reason. Also, if you accidently delete some messages, you can safely restore them from a backup created by Droid Transfer back to your phone. Getting your messages back on your Android device has never been so easy before.

In addition to backing up and restoring your messages, you can also print them out directly from the Droid Transfer app, should you need this for an archive or even a court case.

Droid Transfer will print your Android messages including the emojis and images within the message, as well as dates and times the messages were sent and received. The software is compatible with SMS, MMS and will work with any messaging application you’re able to select as your default messaging app on your Android phone, such as for example Textra SMS.

The Tutorial

Follow the simple steps here as explained here:

  • Download Droid Transfer on your PC.
  • Droid Transfer needs a companion app on your Android device to be able to work. Download the companion app Transfer Companion on your phone. You can find the app from Google Play Store.
  • Connect your Android device to your PC. You may either use WiFi connectivity or a USB option to connect.
  • Look for Messages option among the features supported.
  • Choose the conversations you would want to print among the conversations available on the app.
  • Click on Print.

That does it. The messages you have selected should be printed. Do ensure that you have a printer connected to your PC.


The Concluding Thoughts

The functionality in Droid Transfer that allows you print the Android Messages can be very useful when you want to keep a physical record of the conversations against accidental deletion. Whether you wish print a conversation with a loved one, or a business associate, or as evidence in a court case, you will find Droid Transfer of use.

But remember, the software is capable of much more than that. Droid Transfer should be your one stop solution for all your needs in managing and transferring content on your Android device. If you are not convinced, you may use the free trial version and get used to the functionality that it offers you. The trial version comes with limited functionality, however it is worth downloading and having a play with it to explore all the capabilities that the app has on offer. We think you will like it.

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