How to Backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

When it comes to iPhone backup, many people get used to back up iPhone with iTunes or iCloud directly. But for iTunes backup, you can not directly open the backup files to view the documents. Or you can not just backup part of the iPhone data. What about iCloud backup? You just need to enable it on your iPhone so that it will backup your iPhone data to iCloud automatically. But what if there is insufficient space on iCloud? How can you get a stable iPhone backup solution? Here you can learn an effective way to backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud—back up with iSunshare iSyncGenius. Here we will review iSunshare iSyncGenius features, price, compatibility, pros and cons etc. for you. You can also learn the tutorial to back up iPhone with this iPhone backup tool. 


What’s iSunshare iSyncGenius?

iSunshare iSyncGenius is the professional iPhone backup and restore software which helps you to backup and restore iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud. With it, you can back up the whole iPhone data or transfer the specific data to your PC. After you create a copy if these contents on your computer, you can easily restore all or classified files from the computer to your iPhone if needed. 

Features of iSunshare iSyncGenius

iSunshare iSyncGenius is the powerful iPhone backup and restore software, which can helps you more than backup and restore the iPhone data. It is also possible for you to manage the iPhone backup password with it. In addition, you can also transfer certain data from one iPhone to another directly. Let’s see its wonderful features. 

Backup and Restore your iPhone without iTunes or iCloud 

iSunshare offers users an convenient way to backup and restore iPhone-iSyncGenius. iSunshare iSyncGenius enables you to backup and restore the iPhone in your way. Even the iPhone is locked or disabled; you can also back up the data to your iPhone quickly and safely. Except backing up all the iPhone data, it is available to selectively back up iPhone data, such as pictures, music, contacts and recordings. 

Transfer files between two iPhones 

If you want to share some files between two iPhones, iSyncGenius would be a good choice. You can directly connect two iPhones on your iPhone and then select the data to transfer. This program can help you easily transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone without iCloud. There will be no data loss for each iPhone during this process. 

Save multiple iPhone backups on your computer

When using iSunshare iSyncGenius to backup iPhone data, you are able to choose the backup destination by yourself. If you want to check the backup files, just go to the destination and then open the folder to get details. In addition, you can backup two or more iPhones’ data on one computer. There will not be conflict or overwritten for both iPhone datas. 

Manage your backup password at ease 

Everyone knows that you can encrypt the backup data in iTunes when creating the iPhone backup. You can also do it in iSunshare iSyncGenius. This iTunes backup alternative software allows you to add, edit, and delete the backup password if you want to do. 

How to Backup iPhone without iTunes or iCloud Using iSunshare iSyncGenius 

Step 1: Launch iSunshare iSyncGenius and connect the iPhone to your computer. 

If you have downloaded iSyncGenius on your computer, you can directly go to open it. And the iPhone to backup should be connected to the computer via the USB cable.  


Step 2: Check iPhone info and click Next. 


Step 3: Select the backup method—All Backups or Classified backup. 

There are two options to backup iPhone data—All Backups or Classified backup. For the Classified backup, you can turn off Contacts under iCloud in the Apple ID of your iPhone. To selectively backup iPhone data, you can choose one or more categories: Picture, Music, Ringtones, Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, and Ringtones. After you make the selection, you can click the Choose button to set the destination no matter which method you choose. 


Step 4: Start iPhone data backup. 

You can click the Start button and then the software will start backing up the iPhone data to the destination folder. 


Minutes later, the backup is finished. And you can go to the destination folder to have a check. 


This software works on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 computer (32-bit & 64-bit). It can help to backup and restore iPhone 6 and above, even the iPhone with the newest iOS 15 version. 


  1. Easy to use software with the intuitive interface.
  2. Easily backup and restore iPhone in fast speed.
  3. Safe to backup iPhone data.
  4. Allows to selectively backup and restore.
  5. Supports unlimited backups for different iPhones. 


  1. Needs to pay for the full version.
  2. Only offers Windows version. 

Final Words

iSunshare iSyncGenius is one of the best iPhone backup and restore software that allows users to backup and restore iPhone data without iTunes or iCloud. It is a reliable tool to keep your iPhone data in safe state.  With it, you can backup and restore the iPhone data no matter the iPhone is locked or unlocked.

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