5 Backup Solutions To Safeguard The Future Of Your Online Business

Do you spend time worrying about what would happen if your online business was to disappear overnight? Unless you were really lucky there might not be much you can do, but you don”t have to worry if you have backup solutions in place. An external hard drive is great, but today we”re going to look at some extra solutions you should consider if you”re serious about your business.


There are lots of cloud storage apps you can choose from and most of them are great, but you”ve maybe never heard of Cubby before so we”ll take a look at it today. Like most other apps you”ll be able to sync Cubby with your mobile devices so everything can be saved with ease. You will also be able to play around with the folder permissions so other people can access them too. It will also save multiple versions of every file you upload and edit in case you need to find an older version of something.

WP Twin

You can back up all the files in the world, but at the end of the day the most important thing to back up is your website. You can do this the easy way or the hard way, but if you prefer things to go smoothly you should check out WP Twin. You only need to install a simple PHP script on your server and if you”re logged into your website you”ll be able to back it up within minutes. You can save the backup to your computer, or you can send it directly to somewhere like Dropbox.


Backupify is great for a number of different reasons, but one of the ways it stands out is by backing up all your Google app data. If you”re a small company trying to save money there is a good chance you take advantage of Google apps more than most. With a solution like Backupify you never have to worry about losing data by accident or by malice ever again. It also works with Salesforce to back up all your data with them and everything will be done automatically to save you lots of time.


If you”ve never heard of Mega before you”ll probably still heard of the guy behind it. Megaupload got a huge amount of press a few years ago for all the wrong reasons, but Kim Dotcom”s new online storage venture is thriving at the moment. If you sign up you”ll get 50GB of free storage space and I”m sure you”ve got tons of photos and videos you can throw inside. Everything is above board these days and you don”t have to worry about your data because it will be safe.


I wanted to complete the list with an ultimate solution like CrashPlan, because once you”ve got this on your computer you”ll be able to back up anything you want. You can think of it as backing up the backups in case something goes seriously wrong. Just choose the drives or folders you want to back up and everything will be taken care of while you go about the rest of your business. Any time you want to get one of your old files back you”ll be able to grab it easily.

Data can disappear forever

The only way you”ll stay truly safe is if you make as many backups of all your important data as possible. Data recovery might be possible under certain circumstances, but it”s not 100% full-proof so you can”t risk it. We”ve talked about lots of different options today and I”m sure you know which ones will help your business the most at the moment.

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