How Technology Has Changed Sports Betting

Technology has obviously played a major role in the advancement of the world, but there are specific industries where it has played a more pivotal role. The legal sports betting industry is one of those, and it’s almost hard to remember what betting on sports looked like before all of the new technology came around.

Looking for and finding NFL odds is now easier than ever before, and that is just one small way in which technology has made an impact. Retail betting still exists to this day, but now most of the betting is being done online.

Advancements in technology have also changed how sports are played, and how they are watched. Most people would agree that all of these changes are for the better, and changes will continue to come over the next few years.

Without getting too technical, here are some of the top ways that technology has changed the sports betting industry.


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Mobile Sportsbooks

In the introduction we mentioned that most sports betting is being done online, but that actually means mobile sports betting. Sportsbooks are now offering mobile apps that can be downloaded on a wide range of devices.

The fact that bettors can now place a bet from anywhere they are located has really transformed the sports betting industry. This has led to a much higher total of bets being placed, and more people are signing up for a new account.

Not only is betting now available on a mobile device, but these sportsbooks continue to get better as well. These apps now mirror the online sports betting sites, and nearly every single transaction can be made on a mobile device.

Live Betting

Live betting is now one of the most popular betting options in this industry, and that is only possible due to technology. There is live betting that is available in-person as well, but it has taken advancements in technology to create this new betting option.

When it comes to live betting, all of the odds are posted in real time. Sportsbooks can’t simply watch the games and come up with the odds, but it takes technology to provide the stats that set the odds.

Of course, live betting is more easily done online or through a sports betting app, and technology helps make this all possible.

Additional Security

There is always a risk of information or an identity being stolen when doing anything online, but technology has helped provide additional safety and security. This sort of technology might not be easy to notice, but it will give sports bettors some peace of mind when gambling online.

The top sports betting sites or mobile apps will allow users to create a two-step process to sign in so that it makes it harder for someone else to access those accounts. Each sportsbook will also have a lengthy registration process that ensures that bettors are able to create an account and legally bet.

Banking Options

Another online sports betting area that has really improved thanks to technology is banking. Using a credit card used to be one of the only ways to fund a sports betting account, but that is simply no longer the case.

Most people now have plenty of banking options right on their mobile device through what is known as an e-wallet. Those e-wallet options can now be used to fund a sports betting account, and also to receive payments from a sportsbook when winning some money.

Most sports bettors don’t want to worry about the hassle that comes with online sports betting, but technology has simply made it that much easier.

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