Host IT Smart Review: Is It Worthy To Go With This Hosting Provider


We understand the importance of domain security, and we endeavor to bring you brands and services that provide impeccable functionalities, pricing, and customer support. We will further discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Host IT Smart. 

When we write a review, we make it a point to try the services ourselves to give our readers a real-time feel of services or products.

About Host IT Smart

Host IT Smart company was founded in 2012 and provides excellent domain and hosting services to websites of all capacities. It is the right package that offers quality and affordability. Since its inception, it has built a large clientele and has a global presence and over one million satisfied customers.

Host IT Smart has various hosting options, including

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers,
  • WordPress Hosting plans.

Host IT Smart Special Deals

Hosting Pricing
Linux Hosting Rs 80/month
Windows Hosting Rs 100/month
WordPress Hosting Rs 80/month
VPS Hosting Rs 224/month
Dedicated Server Rs 4050/month

Benefits of Host IT Smart

The following benefits give Host IT Smart the edge over its competitors.

1. High Uptime

Host IT Smart offers high uptime, guaranteeing reliability without ever failing. The servers give your website a high level of operational performance and relevant quality throughout.

2. Customer Service

Customer support is what forms the backbone of any business. No matter how excellent your service and products are, it tears the whole experience if you lack a good customer support team.

When it comes to customer service, they walk the talk. They are available round the clock, and if you have an issue solving yourself, they will do it for you in the shortest period.

3. Money-Back Guarantee

Since we tried their web hosting services, we did not at any point feel that the benefits weren’t worth the money. But if you do think that, the money-back guarantee is a cakewalk.

Within 30 days of purchase, if you feel the need to withdraw the services, the company will return your money.

4. Intuitive Interface

The dashboard is easy to use. Host IT Smart’s Intuitive interfaces have a low cognitive load to focus on getting the task done.

5. Website Security Features

One thing that Host IT Smart boasts about is the website security feature. They have rigorous and robust hosting security standards. On top of that, all their hosting solutions are made secure with SSL certification.

6. Attractive Introductory Pricing

With Host IT Smart, prices start as low as Rs 80 monthly. Quality and reasonable pricing is part of the parcel!

7. Freebies (SSL Certificate)

When you buy Shared Hosting services, Host IT Smart offers you a free SSL certificate. It makes for a great deal, isn’t it?

Host IT Smart Plans & Pricing

Host IT Smart has various hosting plans. They offer WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

Shared Hosting

Hosting is indispensable to the web experience as it is what makes your user’s web experience stand out. And the best part about hosting services by Host IT Smart is that you can use their hosting services for various operating systems –  Linux & Windows and you will get cheap web hosting plans in India

Linux Hosting Plans


Windows Hosting Plans

Apart from that, Host IT Smart provides hosting services for WordPress, Java, and e-commerce.

VPS Hosting

With Host IT Smart, VPS hosting plans is a popular choice among small-medium businesses. It can rent small sections of a server dedicated to your business at a price similar to that of shared hosting. It is what makes it cost-efficient, scalable, and flexible.

Host IT Smart Standard VPS Hosting

Standard VPS Hosting is OpenVZ Virtualization


Host IT Smart Enterprise VPS Hosting

Enterprise VPS Hosting is KVM Virtualization


If You are looking for VPS for specific Windows?

Have a Look at the Windows VPS Plans by Host IT Smart:


Host IT Smart is a trusted VPS hosting service provider. They ensure that companies’ websites meet their full capabilities without burning a hole in their pockets.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Host IT Smart’s dedicated server is as optimum compared to an in-house server and economical. It is custom-made to suit your organization’s needs, and you have all the control over the resources and hardware on rent.

It scales according to a company’s growth, and you can put your worries to rest about updating each time.


The Showdown- Is Host it Smart a YES or a NO

Host IT Smart is hands down a comprehensive and scalable hosting solution provider. Be it the pricing point, the service, or customer support, there is nothing we could find a flaw with.  We recommend Host IT Smart for all looking for website hosting and security services to optimize their business.

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