Five Tips For Using Tech To Manage Your Workflow

Technology has made it so that you can constantly stay in contact with the people in your life, from family to coworkers. But it has done more for you then open up the world of communications. It has also opened up the world of entertainment, with all of the streaming and games apps available.

On top of all of that, it has made work much easier, opening up more avenues to deal with workflow and time management. There’s an app for everything when it comes to smartphones and tablets, and there are tons of options online that you can use with any computer too.

Managing Customers

With customer relationship management systems you can more easily keep track of your customers, their orders and interests, and more. The most important thing any business has is its customers, and losing track of their information can cause a ton of issues, and maybe even lose you customers. Instead, stay on track and make sure that you always know what your customer wants.


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Managing Social Media

HootSuite was one of the first well publicized ways to manage all of your social media accounts from one place. There are other options these days, and with so many social media platforms to work with it helps to have something that can cross post and take some of the work out of it for you. You can also manage your social media on the go if you have all the right apps on your portable devices.

Managing Your Blog

Many businesses take some of the pressure off of themselves when it comes to blogging and either hire writers to do their blog posts for them, or companies to supply them with regular posts. Whether you’re updating from your laptop or your tablet, you should make sure that your blog gets new content at least a couple times a week.

Managing Your Time

There are various ways to manage your time using your tech devices. Google calendar is available across devices, so no matter where you are, you won’t miss a meeting or a deadline. You can even schedule reminder alarms so that you don’t miss a thing even when your phone is in your pocket for too long.

Managing Employees

Google also offers the perfect outlet for managing your employees with Google Drive. This system allows you to post spreadsheets that anyone you want to share them with can read or even be set to edit. This is great for assigning workflow. It also offers shared things like documents, photos, and more.

Get your tech out and put it to use, since it will save you some time in your workday so that you can focus on more important things, like creating the products your customers want.

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