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Displaying businesses online via social media sites enhances advertisement exponentially. Tapping into the most popular sites ensures that business owners reach a larger audience. Consider the difference between gaining recognition from close friends and family to becoming known to people around the world. More site visits and more reviews means an increased number of clients, according to this blog at In turn, social media sites strive to increase the number of users by offering improved technology and features.

Twitter Improvements

Forbes shares how Facebook and Instagram, Twitter joins the ranks of social media sites providing users with the option of sharing videos or passing direct messages to private groups. Previously, users only had the option of sending brief six-second videos on the site using the app known as Vine. Individuals were also limited to sending a message to one other person. Twitter now enables users to shoot, edit and post videos spanning up to 30 seconds in length. Using a mobile device, a business owner can access the Twitter camera and begin recording. The service might prove beneficial for advertising special deals, demonstrating or introducing products and announcing special events. Submit the video into pertinent conversations. Other users then see previewed thumbnails, which when tapped reveal a full-screen view that plays.


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Group messaging allows users to establish a conversation with up to 20 people simultaneously. There need be no relationship between these people other than being in the business owner”s named group. However, recipients then have the option to add other people into the group conversation, which expands the network. Business owners might use group direct messaging to make announcements to friends, family and a list of current customers. As nearly 300 million people log onto the site daily, the ability to establish and expand a network of followers remains practically effortless.

Social Media Dashboards

Depending on the type of business, goods or services offered, proprietors may opt to connect with clients through more than one social site. Keeping up with the conversations and traffic produced by each location could pose a challenge. Kim Bale and J.D. Lasica of Social Media Biz explain that by using a single dashboard tool, users have the ability to maintain and update multiple sites simultaneously. Threadsy is an interactive dashboard that allows business owners or organizations to stay connected to multiple email accounts and to Facebook and Twitter. The service does not require a fee or a download and is expected to gain the approval of individuals and professional groups.

Hootsuite is another platform that enables users to access multiple social media sites that include Facebook and Twitter. Using a computer or mobile device, users have the ability to track interactions as often as desired. The free version supports up to five social networks. Some of the tools provided allow users to schedule social media messages, receive analytical data concerning campaigns and collaborate with others. The service additionally provides a security platform designed to reduce the risk of errors and while protecting businesses against threats on social media sites. For a nominal monthly fee, users get unlimited capabilities.

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