Five Incredibly Powerful Lessons for Making Money Online

Want to make money online? Join the queue – so does everyone else in the world. The idea of being able to make cash while you sleep from selling an app or an e-book is so appealing that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to go on courses or to read books that tell them just how to do that.

But here”s the problem: most of these guides are fine in principle and do offer some good general advice, but they also still leave a lot down to luck and often assume that their readers have at least a fair amount of cash to put behind their efforts.

In other words, these guides tend to lack the specific advice that actually made their authors successful in the first place. These are the tips that they probably forgot, that actually made the big difference. Read on and we”ll have a look at some of those important specific details that will help you to rely just a little less on blind luck…

Look for People At Your Level

Here”s one of the big mistakes that a lot of gurus make – thinking that you can just e-mail the editor of Wired magazine and get a helpful response. These guys get thousands of e-mails every day, and standing out is nigh impossible unless you just happen to be very lucky.

The trick that makes all the difference then is not to aim so high to begin with. Don”t approach the huge magazines on day one, but rather start out by approaching the bloggers and YouTubers that are at a more similar level to you. They”ll be honoured to be approached because it won”t happen to them as often, and they”ll love getting a “scoop”. If they have enough viewers though then this can still provide you with a decent amount of exposure, but more to the point it might lead to coverage from other bigger news sources who will often get their breaking news from smaller media outlets such as these.

Be Persistent

This is something else you often don”t hear from web marketers, precisely because they want to sell the idea that they can help you get rich “easily” without having to put in tons of work.

In reality though, it”s very unlikely you”ll get a positive response from any website or blogger on your first try. Rather success comes when you persist and send message after message until you eventually get the answer you want. Take this approach and you should find you have a much higher hit rate. If at first you don”t succeed…


Despite what those web marketers say, being a hit online requires a bit of cash to invest into your attempts – or at least this is a good way to speed things along. By bootstrapping and raising some funds that you can plough into your online campaigns, you”ll be able to afford better SEO services, better advertising and better web design etc. which can all make a good difference and give you that headstart.

As with getting media coverage, the process here involves starting small and then building up: find a method you can use to generate a little cash – even if that means finding a site where you can sell your car for cash or just doing some writing jobs for webmasters, and then use the money you raise from that to help you earn more.


Spending too long building a product that no one will buy is a surefire way to waste your time and cash, which is why a lot of marketers and business people in general will follow the advice of “fail fast”. This essentially means you should rush a product or service out, see if it sells, and be ready to pull out immediately if not.

That”s good advice, but better yet is to test the market exists before you fail with surveys or by selling a cheaper, less developed version of the product through a site like Fiverr first. Test the waters before you settle down to fish!

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