DRM M4V Converter for Windows review

DRM or Digital Rights Management is a touchy issue with many users of proprietary hardware. A normal user tries to get rid of the DRM so that he/she can have full access over the content that he/she has purchased. This is needed because of many reasons, which we will not get into in this particular post. Suffice to say that DRM removal software is in high demand, and a high utility program like the DRM M4V Converter for Windows will be appreciated by those who want the most bang out of their buck.

DRM removal for Windows is made easy with the help of this software and it is the most popular converter software till date. It has many exciting features which make this the most versatile M4V Converter for Windows. Here are some of the main features of this exciting piece of software that makes it a must have.


  • By harnessing the latest DRM video decryption technology, this amazing DRM removal program can effortlessly crack FairPlay DRM from iTunes M4V at 30X faster speeds. This happens to be the fastest conversion speed amongst all other DRM M4V Converters, and long, tedious wait times are a thing of the past with this. Videos can be extracted from the original iTunes files without loss and you get to keep the AC3 5.1 surround sound along with the AD tracks and CC, without impinging on the original tracks. This is a great advantage for music aficionados!
  • If you are unsure about which particular format is the best for you, the DRM removal tool wipes out the DRM from protected movies and is also capable of converting it to new and optimized DRM free videos for your watching pleasure on your preferred platform. The Device tab of this software can be accessed to select multiple non-Apple devices. It has presets for nearly all of the most popular mobile devices out there, so you should have no problem with your pick.
  • You are finally in possession of software which assists in lossless removal of DRM from iTunes, movies as well as TV shows to multiple non-Apple devices. After DRM is eliminated, iTunes digital media like common files can be played without any set restrictions. You need not worry about the expiry dates of the iTunes movies that you have rented. With this iTunes M4V Converter for Windows, you get to keep all these shows and movies as a personal and private collection, ready to be played at a time of your convenience.
  • It is an all-in-one iTunes DRM M4V converter, and it supports a very wide range of output/input video and audio formats along with preset profiles for many different scenarios. You can indulge in editing with the help of video editors or transfer the video on to online video sites. This converter supports a huge selection of output formats of which the MP4 and HD MP4 formats are the most popular. Optimizing output videos is also possible and you can play with video parameters like bit rate, codec and frame rate for example.

In conclusion, after having reviewed all the parameters and options available on this software, I can safely vouch for DRM M4V Converter for Windows as the fastest and best M4V Converter for Windows which is available out there at the moment. Feel free to browse through the many advantages it offers. You do not have to buy the software right away. You can download the trial version for free. The trial version has many features that will get you instantly hooked, and it comes highly recommended.

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