DesignCap Review: Free Online Designer for Infographics, Presentations, Reports, Social Media, and More

DesignCap can be described as an online graphic design software that is free. It is beneficial for people and many organizations of various types, whether big or small, to make appealing infographics, presentations, reports, social media arts, flyers, and other designs that are good looking and professional. We know that the very well graphic designers and artists who are professionals are very costly. The need to hire such expensive professional visual artists is erased. Plus, these expert designers may take days to weeks to give you a refined design. Therefore, I”d love to recommend you switching to DesignCap, which is more cost-effective. 

Through design, the making of professional graphics and designing costs is reduced drastically, and the entire process is ultimately augmented. With the help of the DesignCap, users can get various ranges of templates for infographics, presentations, reports, social media arts, flyers, which can be customized effortlessly. Plus, there is an option given in the software where you can augment it with various elements like colors, fonts, and photos, and much more. DesignCap is very friendly. There are many advantages to use DesignCap Software. Let”s look at some of its benefits. 

Merits of DesignCap

In order to get fully acquainted, the DesignCap doesn’t have any kind of steep curve for learning. The Free Infographic Maker is so easy to use that even inexperienced persons can get their hands on it and start creating infographics, presentations, reports, social media arts, flyers, and other designs in just a few minutes.  With the straightforward interface and countless art resources, you can professionally create various designs within a short period. 

Features of DesignCap

There are many useful features of the DesignCap. Let’s take a look at some of them so that you can get an idea of what it is. You will get thousands of ready-made templates divided into different categories. There are millions of stock photos, and all of them are free. You can also upload your pictures from the computer. What I like in DesignCap is the feature that users can upload their fonts to the design. To make an infographic or report more appealing, use a chart, and directly import data from CSV, XLS, or XLSX. In addition, DesignCap allows you to save your pictures as JPG, PDF, or PNG with an optional transparent background. Plus, you can save your projects so that you can work later on. 

Steps to Make Designs

Before starting creating your design, you’d better register an account under DesignCap to enjoy more cloud features. Go to the DesignCap website then go on the sign-up button on the top right to enter your e-mail id and password. Alternatively, you can log in with Facebook account and Google account. Once the account is verified, you can go to the homepage and click on – Get Started Now.  

There are only three simple and easy steps to create amazing infographics, presentations, reports, social media arts, and flyers. I.E., first, choose a template. Next, add elements to customize the design. Lastly, save and share the design. 

Online Platform, No Installation Needed

Besides the free stock photos, it provides millions of icons in the app. It also provides you the option where you can add text, chart, modules, and background. Many graphic design tools take a lot of space to store the resources on the computer, which requires a lot of storage space for your computer and should be very powerful. But DesignCap is online, and it doesn”t require any software to be installed in your system. It is an added advantage, and your computer will not face any trouble. 

Concluding Remark

DesignCap has a wide range of editing and customization tools. Plus, it has a vast template library and a collection of custom elements and resources. It is straightforward to use.  Even if you are a beginner in design, you can handy it thoroughly and create infographics, presentations, reports, social media arts, flyers, and more like a pro.  Interested? Take a look: 

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