5 Apps That Can Help You Boost Your Credit Score

Maintaining a healthy credit score is often the key to financial independence. It’s a clear indicator that you’re paying your debts on time, and that you’re in charge of your budget. You’ll have an easier time getting loans, finding lower insurance rates, qualifying for cheaper rent, and discovering more options for paying off debt.

When you have poor credit, however, it can feel like you’ve been shackled by your debt. Your financial freedom is challenged, and you’ll end up overpaying for services just because of three digits.

Today, we have a wide variety of services and tech tools that can help you boost your credit, including apps. If you’re on the prowl for better credit, the following apps can help get you there.


When you sign up for a Credit.com account, you can access all the information and details about your credit score from the handy mobile app. It offers you two free credit score per year, information about your scores, and helpful tips for improving it. It also has articles and resources to aid your journey.


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Debt Reduction Calculator

Your ability to manage and pay off debts will impact your credit report. With Debt Reduction Calculator, you can calculate how quickly you can pay off your debt. It’s great if you’re considering making extra payments to get out of debt quickly, but you don’t know how much to increase payments. You’ll learn new strategies for debt reduction, and as you make payments on time and lower your balance, you’ll see your credit score rise.


One third of your credit score calculation is dependent on your payment history. If you can keep track of all your bills and pay them on time for an extended time period, you’ll have a much better credit score. BillTracker monitors payment deadlines and sends you alerts to help you pay on time every time.


When you request your credit score from FICO, they’ll charge you $20 for a full report. When you download the app, you can see a free estimate of where your current credit score will be. It uses information about your current credit cards, debt balances, loans, and the like to make an estimation. It’s not completely accurate, but it’s a useful way to note if your credit is improving or declining based on your efforts.

Credit Karma

Another useful tool for getting a free credit score estimate is Credit Karma. It offers simple, easy-to-read reports, free credit monitoring, and resources to help you boost your credit score. They don’t ask for personal information to sell to third parties, and you can look at your estimated credit score whenever you like. When you’re trying to pay down debt and better your credit, tools like this are invaluable.

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