Dangers Of Our Modern Obsession With Technology

Technology has led to some amazing abilities for civilization as a whole, but not everything that comes from the development of mindblowing tech is good for us. It seems that the good in technology far outweighs the bad, but it is important to understand the looming dangers.

There are plenty of skeptics that may say something to the contrary, but let us stick to what is known for now. Here is a quick look at a few known dangers of modern technology in our lives. Read through, and consider how you and your family might best safeguard against these issues.


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Social media is far too revealing

The majority of social media users are not wary of the many dangers posed by the services. Sharing every intimate (and even the not so intimate) detail of your life with the world is never a safe way of life.  

Some people post so much of their lives on social media, they make themselves vulnerable to many different threats. You may ruin your chances at a successful insurance claim by oversharing. Home burglars who are tech-savvy can tell exactly when you’re away from home when you’re posting your every move on Facebook.

Home burglary is one of the less threatening dangers of social media. Some very dark people lurk the social media circuits, and it’s important that you and your family are educated on the proper usage of social networks.  

Technology addiction is widespread

Technology addiction is more widespread than ever, and it’s only becoming more common in our youth. Young people are now being showered with technology from the day they’re born, and the integration of technology into their daily routine is seamless.

It’s hard to separate healthy integration of technology and unhealthy integration of technology in your child’s life when it is such a large part of modern culture. The best thing you can to do ward off tech addiction in your family is to stay educated on the subject.

The world depends on technology

One huge danger of the over-integration of technology in modern culture is the subsequent overdependence. The world’s financial system is all tech-based. Communication, entertainment, and even electricity are all heavily based on the integration of technology.

If the world’s electricity grid were to ever go offline, the whole world would be violently thrust back to the dark ages. The overdependence of technology in modern culture leaves us vulnerable to complete destruction of life as we know it.

Privacy is not so private anymore

Despite the excessive efforts to provide privacy online, there is no real privacy anymore. Technology has made the knowledge of your life a matter of education. If an individual knows enough about the technology at their fingertips, they can find out whatever they want to about you.

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