6 Ways That Technology and Fashion Are Collaborating

The line between new clothes and new technologies is growing ever thinner. Take a look at the two industries” latest collaborations, and you can find fascinating and stylish options like …

1. Controls on your clothing

Instead of reaching for a phone, music player, or other device, you will soon be able simply to use your clothes. For example, one of the latest experimental jackets from designer Jennifer Darmour enables you to control mp3 player volume through your zipper.

Other types of clothing let you send messages on social network with gesture-reading technology.

2. Advice from what you wear

Want to increase your performance or abilities? Start shopping for clothing that offers you handy suggestions. From shirts that correct your posture while you”re sitting at work to outfits that offer you feedback on your yoga routine, clothing is beginning to improve us in multiple ways.

Shirts can help you track blood pressure for better workouts, or address health issues. Shoes can track your exercise and offer advice on how to meet running goals, too. The list will grow longer with future innovations.

3. Better, more interesting watches

The watch industry is expanding in two different ways. First, traditional watches are getting a boost from more precise instruments, longer-lasting materials, and greater protection, especially at the high end of watch design.

Second, a multitude of smart watches are making their way to market, so wearers will find it easier than ever to check status updates, emails, location, or weather without pulling out a phone. Best solar watch available for men.

4. Video anywhere

The rise of Google Glass and GoPro has shown that humans like to record video of what they”re doing, when they are doing it. As this trend increases, clothing and wearables that catch capture video clips or photos will likely grow more common — as well as the ways to share that material with friends.

When you have a spectacular life experience, why miss out on sharing it with the people that you love?

5. Power

Power is always a major concern when it comes to technology. Fashion is answering the concern with clothes that take part of the energy load off your tech. Techies like Soledad Martin are working to create shoes that help generate enough energy to repower cell phones through the simple act of walking.

Other types of clothing and accessories help to recover lost power through flexible solar panels that work just by being out in the sun.

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