Best Technological advancements this 2017

As the earth grows old, so does the technology develops. The need to make work easier and the need to stay a comfortable life as seen innovations grow to great heights. As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Due to the problems facing mankind on a day to day life, some scientists never sleep to make sure these problems disappear.

The working together of entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists have ensured each field experiences superb technological growths. Also, there are a lot of specialized experts to help in technological innovations and education. E.g. Experts specializing in IT for healthcare, a computer expert, automotive experts among others. These experts make human activities easier and more doable. Let’s now look at the technological inventions of 2017.

Reducing air pollution into energy

This is an innovation by two Belgium universities (Antwerp University and the University of Leuven). The technology uses a small device which acts as a catalyst to extract hydrogen gas from the air. This breaks down air pollution as the hydrogen gas is stored and used as a fuel. However, the technology is still in its baby stages and can only convert air around a radius of some few centimeters. The sky”s the limit for this technology. They are working to making it commercial by making it convert air at a bigger area, while also using sunlight as the source of energy for this gadget.

Internet of the thing

Although this technology came to the spotlight in 2016, it is actually in 2017 the technology was unveiled in Las Vegas. This technology uses microchip or sensors to help users to track activities of their firms remotely. That means you can control all that is happening in your company while you are away. The evolvement of this technology has ensured it is used to bring benefits of underfloor air distribution in our buildings today.


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This is an ambitious plan that seeks to merge brain with artificial intelligence. It is aimed at helping the people with irreversible brain damage to gain intelligence. Since everyone loves to be intelligent it is a matter of time and everyone will be buying this synthetic intelligence.

The kitty flying hawk

The machine is more of a car which is made to fly and can float on water as well. Although it has limited uses in the real life, it can be used for fun sports. It is easy to learn how to use it. Also, it is certified by the federal aviation administration.

Tracking a crowd simultaneously

Researchers are working on a way that a big crowd of people can be monitored at once. This technology hasn’t started working yet but if it works then enough security in crowded places will be achieved. This is because the method will monitor any suspicious behavior of any individual in a crowded place and therefore save lives from terrorist.

It is hard to believe some technology is really happening. Some are believed to be in science fiction movies but now it’s in real life. As the days go more things are discovered. Maybe in future, we will discover a way of living forever!

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