Customer Service Is Much More Important For A business

In the highly disloyal and competitive business marketplace of today, visibility is no longer the most important aspect of a marketing campaign. Customer retention, or customer loyalty, is much more important for a business when it comes to longevity. Most marketers today are much more likely to tell you as a business owner to focus on a niche market and keeping them happy rather than going for a “wide net” strategy. Although it is possible to reach many millions of people with the social media tools of today, it is not an effective strategy at all.


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In order to get the kind of loyalty that will allow business to sustain itself, a business must have a great deal of customer service on hand and ready to correct mistakes. The social media of online marketing works both ways: If a business does not handle the mistakes that it makes, taste makers within an industry can easily go on review sites and trash a business so that no one else will ever patronize it. If this happens, a business can lose customers that it did not even know that it was losing.

The best thing to do is to provide customers with 24 hour a day, seven day a week a service both on and off-line. With the technology of today, this is a much less expensive proposition than it was in previous business generations.

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