CS: GO Guide and Most Expensive Skins

Counter Strike Global Offensive is the most played game of recent times. What do you really have to do to succeed in this game? In this article, we will look for answers to this question. Counter Strike is a game produced by Valve. The valve also opens the game”s servers for free to game lovers. So it”s free to play online.


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The game can be played online in different modes. The most played online mode is the competitive mode type. This type of mode has a rank system.  Players are matched according to rank. Every game you win gives you positive points. Your rank increases after the series of matches. Competitive mode is 5 T, 5 CT, 10 people are played. The first team to reach 16 in the match wins the match. The T”s are aiming to set up and explode the bomb. CT”s want to solve the bomb. The bomb is exploding 40 seconds after it was set up. You need kit to defuse the bomb. If you are on the T side, use smoke to protect the bomb. This will save you a lot of time  We”ve been telling CS:GO tips and tricks.

With the new game you can get weapon skins after matches you won. Usually these skins are cheap skins, but they make you more special. Of course, it is very difficult to reach the Most expensive CS:GO skins.  The only way to reach them is by opening a case  in the game. These cases can be opened with real money. There is also a game stock exchange. Current skin values can be tracked here. The most specific skins can usually be seen in major players. These players usually have the Most expensive AK47 skins. It is also available in specially produced skins for the tournament of the game. The most expensive skins in the game are knives. Knives are described as special items. They are vey rare!  They have their own animations. A knife skin can equal the weapon skins in the hundreds.

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