Clover and merchant account solutions A Unique combination

Merchant Account Solutions has been one of the prime service providers in the arena of payment solutions. The innovative work ethics that they indulge in has been the reason for the phenomenal success that they have been able to put forth in their endeavors. It has been instrumental in bringing up the most advanced technology to the doorsteps of the merchants. One of the best products that they have been able to provide is Clover range of Point of Sale Solutions. What does Clover has on offer for the merchants worldwide – whether retail or otherwise? Let us check out the salient features that the products have on offer.

Clover And Merchant Account Solutions – A Unique Combination

Clover is essentially a cloud-based point of sale system brought to you by First Data. Clover POS system was initially developed by Clover Network and it was later acquired by First data in 2012.


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Clover Station needs a proprietary tablet device and does not run on any devices like Android or iOS devices like most of its competing devices do. In fact, the Clover Merchant solutions are sold along with an individual merchant account and as such add an additional layer of security. The countertop POS systems work offers you a sleeker design and advanced software developed keeping the requirements of different industries in mind.

The Features That Make Clover An Excellent Option

Well, Clover system lets you accept payments in almost possible formats. Some of the payment options that are supported include credit, debit, EMV, and NFC payments. The system can also take up the additional tasks like issuing refunds, managing tips, opening tabs, calculating closeouts, syncing via the cloud, and supporting multiple users.

What would make Clover System of POS payments an interesting option is its constantly evolving nature. Yes, The developers have been keeping an eye on the latest developments and innovations in the payments solutions technology and inculcate those features in their system almost on a regular basis. The New Clover POS Station should be a good example from that perspective. It comes with an integrated EMV Chip reader out of the box, thereby making it possible to process payments from the EMV Chip cards seamlessly. Isn’t that the best example of being secure and keeping in touch with the technology?

Needless to say about the Clover App Market. You should be able to add additional features that would transform your payment solutions to a greater extent. Some applications that can be made use of include loyalty and reward programs, accounting software, employee management and sales analysis.

Before We Conclude

Well, merchants have been praising the simple set up and the ease of use that the Clover range of products provide them. Though it has been considered to be an expensive option compared to the simple Android tablets, the feature set that the service offers offsets this price difference. Merchant Account Solutions has indeed been helpful in setting up your merchant accounts and setting up your Clover System for an effective management of payment solutions worth your efforts. Clover System has indeed been the best choice you can opt for any kind of requirements you may have no matter whether you are in retail or hospitality industry.

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