Explainer videos can boost conversions – A smart way of hooking new customers

As long as internet marketing is concerned, there are lots of standard tools which can play the role of a catalyst in boosting conversion rates. The best expert internet marketers know how important a website can be in giving the first impression of your business or blog. Just as testimonials and client videos help you boost credibility of your business, these days there’s another strategy that is being used to boost conversion rates and that is explainer video.

Explainer videos are short videos which tell the story of a company to the customers. Customer engagement can be done at its best with the help of explainer videos. Videos can be hand-drawn, claymation or even digital drawings but whichever way it is, they offer businesses a way of effectively conveying the message of value proposition.

What do statistics say?

Work.com, a platform for social performance management owned by Salesforce recently included an explainer video their Home page and immediately witnessed a boost in conversion rates by 30%. On an average, 40% of the page visitors definitely watch the video and among them 50% watch the video fully. Yet another startup company which has leveraged explainer videos is Dropbox and they’re restrained their home page to just a single video. The conversion rates saw a hike by 10% and the video was viewed 750,000 times in just a month. Extra signups become much easier by adding explainer videos.


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Top reasons why your business needs to include explainer videos

  • Increases rates of conversion: As per a recent survey, 85% of people who visit a website which has an explainer vide is likely to purchase the product once they check the video. Such videos permit the startup business owners to keep tab on the number of visitors who check their sites and how many can become potential customers.
  • Explains the objective of your product: Text can always be a tricky option as readers usually interpret text in different ways. When you add explainer videos, you take out the guess work of expressing the basic function of your product. People get a better and clear understanding of a service or product once they visualize what it is. You can connect better with your customers.
  • Generates more interest: increasingly large numbers of businesses embrace various social signals to spread word about their business. A study reveals that more than 75% of internet users watch online videos and 50% of the population will even watch videos this year.
  • Increased rank in SERP: Stale websites usually don’t rank well in search engine result pages. Websites which have endless pages of boring text usually rank lower in Google search and hence adding explainer videos can definitely help you seek Google’s attention and thereby secure a higher search engine rank.

So now that you know the importance of explainer videos and how they help you with customer management, you shouldn’t wait anylonger. Get your designer busy with designing some of the best explainer videos for your business website.

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