Choosing The Best Headphones For Podcasting

A Podcast is a radio event presented over the internet on specific issues for listeners. The word Pod in PodCast means iPod, while Cast stands for broadcasting that is similar to a radio session but in this medium, this is exclusive for iPod devices. The transmission of the PodCast is portable and one can listen to a PodCast event from any part of the world. Today PodCast is the best platform that has introduced some of the best performers conducting interviews with renowned speakers or doing a single monologue. Some PodCasts are by people who are simply sharing their views creatively and have the support of a huge audience and followers.

To successfully start with Podcasts, you need to set up the proper equipment and get the proper tools to launch your programs. While you do not need the most expensive types of equipment but you need good headphones, mic, computer system, and recording devices. Your audiences are receptive to your Podcasts and any lacking in your Podcasts equipment will be apparent to the quality of your transmissions. If you are looking for headphones, you should invest in a set that is not heavy on your pocket but gives you high-quality products.

Some of the best headphones for podcasting includes the following:


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ATH-M50x Podcasting Headphones

Valued at $149, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x is one of the best podcasting headphones. Although these headphones are not wireless, it is compatible with a Bluetooth adapter. The headphones include three cables that are detachable and the headphone are easy to carry and use in live Podcast sessions.

Bose QC35

Other popular headsets are the Bose QC35 headphones. These are priced at $340 and are ideal for podcasts as it comes with a noise-canceling system that cuts off the background and outside noise and enables the podcaster to have an uninterrupted podcast session. This set is supported by a lithium battery and when the device is fully charged it can remain active for the longest period of up to 20 hours.

Sony MDR 7506

If you are looking for the best headphone that is not a burden on your pockets you should check the Sony MDR 7506 at a market price of $79. These are comfortable headphones that come with adjustable headband and high-definition audio using the 40 mm speakers. If you are looking for regular podcasts session for your audience and are not too keen on investing huge amounts in setting up the equipment, you can start your podcasting with the Sony headphones on your set. The device does not have Bluetooth or wireless capability and comes with a 9.8 ft cord that is not attachable. Even with these limitations, these headsets are popular as it offers good quality at a very decent price tag.

Bose QuietComfort 25 (QC25)

The Bose QuietComfort 25 (QC25) is available at $279. Although they are a bit pricey for a set that does not support wireless connectivity, they are strong on sound quality and uses the latest noise elimination techniques that are comparable to the much expense headphones in the market. Some of the famous podcasters have endorsed and favored the Bose QuietComfort 25 over the other over-valued headphones. People who prefer quality sound will fall in love with the amazing sound quality of this product.

There are many other options when you look for the best headphones in the market. If you want to launch an effective podcast you need to make sure that when you look for a headset you look into some factors. Check the price range and settle for a set that comes in your budget. If you are looking for long sessions you want an equipment that does not put stress on your ears. You should test different headphones to check the sound quality. Always check if the headphones are wireless or not, or it supports Bluetooth connectivity. This is important if you wish to take your podcasts outside. You should also select a headphone set that will help you to eliminate background noise as it brings down the sound quality. You may also check the size of the headphones as you do not want large headphones if you are mobile all the time.

While you will find some big brands offering the headphones in the market, you can also check some lesser-known brands in the market as you might find some quality headphones at half the price. While you search for the headphones, you need to check with other podcasters as well and seek their advice on buying the headphones.

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