The Big Data Problem and the Dwindling Future of Search Engine Optimization

Making your site more searchable, that has always been the name of the game when it comes to making profits on the Internet. If your site is not properly indexed and can not easily be pulled up in an organic search, and if you are not paying top dollar for priority listings, then chances are you are going to find that it is difficult to get significant amounts of traffic to your website. Unfortunately, the consequence of low traffic volume is that it usually implies low rates of converted sales as well. To make matters more interesting, most website owners have never worked for a digital marketing company like, and barely have a grasp on how to build enough of a presence on the web for their website to matter. In the past, website owners with some sense of how SEO worked could get by, knowing just enough to get ahead of the pack, but there is an emerging problem on the Internet that will inevitably shatter the notion of your website being searched as you currently think of it. In fact, your website may not be able to surface on popular search engines at all, without taking very expensive measures to rise above this growing problem.

The Big Data Problem

As more and more websites are created on the web, the amount of information being added to the global network increases in volume. Unfortunately, the larger the size of the data that a search engine is made to sift through, the longer it takes to do the search in question. The trouble is that sites as small as leading social networks like Facebook are already reaching a size that are termed big data sets. As time progresses forward, the size of these big data sets gets out of hand, and it becomes next to impossible to do timely searches through the data for relevant information of interest. The greater problem is that the number of big data sets being uploaded to the Internet is growing, not shrinking. Although there are some methods that can be used to make searching possible through the bulk of data in these enormous data sets, such methods only forestall the inevitable. It becomes a situation where employing search engine optimization methods grows so far above the ability of the average website owner that only those who can afford to pay for professionals to tweek and optimize their site to obtain significant rankings will be able to compete in the SEO arena that drives how data is pulled up on the information super highway.


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A Potential Solution to Big Data Obstacles

Since it becomes near impossible for search engines to keep up with the influx of big data sets being uploaded to the Internet, it may be necessary to dedicate specific search engines to specific types of data searches. In other words, search engines dedicated to nothing but business and eCommerce types of data may be used to make it possible for businesses to be searched on the web. The downside to this solution is that because many people dislike being advertised to, it begs the question of how often they will willingly choose to use such search engines over others that serve them data relevant to their interests. Though this is a potential solution, it begs the question of how effective and meaningful SEO will become to website owners in such a bleak future online market environment.

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