Why You Should Choose .Net for Startup Development

When it comes to startups, what should be considered first? Without a doubt, rapidness and simplicity of production. We all know that startups take a little time to demonstrate positive or negative tendency. Therefore, you need to do your best to develop it as fast as possible – and .Net is indeed the best choice in this case. Note that you have to choose between two .Net platforms – WebForms and ASP.Net MVC – and, although both of them work perfectly fine, the latter would be a better choice for a short-term startup development.

ASP.Net MVC adopted the best features from Rails and has recently become the most popular framework for a startup, which is totally understandable. StackExchange took advantage of this framework – and that means a lot, for sure. On the contrary, WebForms is commonly associated with complex, tangled coding and a plethora of irritation.

You might ask – why exactly .Net? There are numerous frameworks on the market and this is not the only option that can work perfectly for startup development. Having considered several characteristics alongside with our partners. Here are some reasons why we recommend .Net for startup development:


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1. Azure does not work for startups

No matter how diligently Microsoft encourages people to use Azure for startups, we recommend you avoid this framework for a good reason – it’s much slower than .Net-based products. Deployment and debugging twice as much time as with ASP.Net; the environment can’t be easily replicated, backups cause much trouble; what makes the situation even worse – you are bound to a single hosting provider. While Azure can become a great solution when your startup is scaling, it may devaluate your efforts during the initial phase.

2. Scaling is easy with .Net

Users claim that .Net delivers high level of scalability – and we have some proofs. The history of StackOverFlow demonstrates framework’s outstanding scalability as it used to have a single server and run web applications and database on one box for quite a while – and look at it now! On the contrary, Ruby or PHP will not be able to provide its users with such luxury.

3. Speed is everything

Once again, rapid development is the most significant requirement in case if you want a startup to become a success. There’s an outdated belief that .Net is unable to deal with prompt changes. Indeed, it has nothing to do with reality as it’s possible to write a terse code with .Net, therefore making refactoring much easier in comparison with JS, Python, Ruby, and so on.

4. Community and documentation

While such frameworks as Python are good for small teams and simple products, .Net can deliver great results with more serious projects. It strongly depends on community support and documentation (the latter can possibly be a matter of boasting is it is one of the best documentations in the industry).

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