Questions to Ask Before Buying Wireless Office Headsets

Using a headset in the office daily will reduce the unnecessary fatigue and back pain that is caused by holding the phone between your ear and the shoulder. A wireless office headset is extremely convenient as it does not tie down to your system or your desk while communicating.

There are many types of wireless headphones. Thus there is always a probability of picking the wrong one. Here is a list of questions to ask before buying a wireless headset for the office.


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How Is the Sound Quality?

The sound/voice quality of the office headset is one of the most critical aspects. Every headset manufacturer mentions superior sound quality but seldom mentions detailed specifications. Some of the essential features related to sound quality are noise-canceling microphones, padding in the ear cups, and other passive noise cancellation features.

The presence of noise-canceling microphones ensures only the voice is carried forward, and most background noise is filtered. The better padding around the ear cup ensures you can hear the person on the other end clearly as the padding creates a tight enclosure around your ear, preventing any interference of background noise.

The best wireless business headset would deliver a crisp and clear sound like the wired headsets.

What Is the Listening Range?

The listening range of the wireless office headset is equally essential. One of the benefits of wireless headset is it allows you to attend other things when on a call that doesn’t require your full attention.

A wireless range of 350 feet is quite good for small offices. This will ensure you can increase your productivity and reduce workload. An excellent wireless listening range also ensures you can move around the office freely attending the call.

How Long Is the Battery Life?

Rechargeable batteries power wireless office headsets. Some of the best wireless headsets offer a battery life of 8 hours before they need to be recharged. Long battery life will ensure there are no work interruptions due to dead battery, or the sound quality is not affected due to low battery. If you are a person who forgets to recharge their wireless headsets often, you need to look for higher-end wireless headsets that offer longer life of 9 hours or more.

Is Communication Secure and Free From Interference?

There are chances of your communication being intercepted during the transmission between your wireless headset and the office phone. Leading headset manufacturers use DECT technology to secure wireless communication. The DECT technology establishes a secure channel for wireless transmission (not your Wi-Fi) between the headset and base station.

Also, DECT technology prevents interference from other wireless headsets as every base station and headset is synchronized, and the beacon channel used between the devices is blocked for other handsets. Hence, it will help if you look for a wireless office headset that has DECT technology.

Is the Headset Compatible With Your Devices?

Compatibility is a big factor when buying wireless business headsets. Some headsets offer limited compatibility while some provide more. While buying wireless headsets, make sure they would work with popular corded desk phones like Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Grandstream, Shoretel, Polycom, Yealink, and Mitel.

The above questions and answers help you focus on essential aspects that will help you make the right choice.

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