Best Modern Equipment for Offshore Businesses

Offshore business, means loads of information and data exchange. Be it the services, Oil & Natural Gas exploration, mining, construction, or as demanding a task as managing formula one race. It is a world of fast, secure, reliable, dependable, wireless connectivity for the staff on the ground or offshore workers.

When connectivity and information exchange is so important, machines capable of operating long hours, under immense pressure and without maintenance are a necessity. This is even more important for people in offshore locations.

We have moved from the world of faxes to prompt text exchanges, using email and then accessing email on smartphones. We have moved from pen drives to the cloud-based sharing of information. Offshore business units mean huge data transfer, quick contact, need to monitor on-field work on a real-time basis, ensure client confidentiality and ability to get on to the conferencing mode from multiple locations to survive in a competitive scenario.

Better equipment simply means huge cost savings and superior competitiveness of your business.


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Laptops & Tablet PCs

Today’s business environment requires huge investments in equipping the office with modern equipment. There is a notable shift in consumption of technology also. Earlier, the internet was dependent on the routers now there are wireless connections, manual record sheets have changed to portable devices, the CD’s/Pen drives used in meetings have changed to Google Drive.

Just notice the gentle shift to smartphone way of working to exchange quick messages on Whatsapp or to swiftly download an app like Google maps, and make your task simpler. Similarly, a significant business innovation is Toughbook tablets or laptops- a complete business package, at your service 24×7. It neither sleeps nor is there any break-down.

Best reasons to invest in a rugged laptop

Smart investment: Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 with ATEX

Panasonic Toughpad is strictly meant for rugged or tough computing. If you have a heavy data-duty in office, then this rugged laptop Panasonic Toughpad is just for you. Panasonic Toughbooks are a clear choice for professionals, who seek strong yet sensitive, friendly yet secure, and large yet easy, tech support. In this picture of contrast is Toughpad super-built of rugged chassis and sensitive touch screen; swappable battery and adjusting screen; ability to function under rain and sunlight. Grab your copy now.

Get The Job Done: are you a business administrator sitting in the office? Is it your primary job to collate data or retrieve it in time? Then, you necessarily require a 4G LTE broadband connectivity to receive and quickly organize the collected information, through fast downloads. The data encryption and software security, in a rugged laptop, for example, ensures that the data is shared through a secure passage. These machines are also equipped with m5VPro or i5-6300U vPro Intel processors to run proprietary software swiftly.

Multimedia Inputs: If you require real-time image record of an incident, then only high mega-pixel camera will assist you. The other devices like Smartphone, portable electronic cameras are easy to use and come with features not easily available with conventional devices.

Channelize 24×7 Networks: Does your business require round-the-clock connectivity with on-field employees? Are you required to monitor the on-field work? Well, we are sure by now your staff will be using Smartphone’s to stay connected. But how about being able to track the heavy machinery and oil workers in real time. Even under harsh drilling conditions, a rugged laptop will work incessantly. Good battery and ability to work under extreme temperatures, GPS feature, front and rear camera, big screens to run multiple programs together, is a sure bet.
Logistically Correct: Are you placed in a warehouse? Do you worry about using delicate machines? Smartphones backed by landline phones will help. Fax machines also ensure backup connectivity. A printing device may be required to facilitate operations. It is like a mini-office set up. How about having an all-in-one sleek device? Rugged tablets are rough but not delicate. Even the keyboard keys are thick, solid and the whole laptop case is made with an aluminum chassis. The stock analysis can be reported in real-time. Similarly, a maritime industry employee need not worry about any damage to laptops or any internal components, when heavy vessel loading is in action. There is no threat of water spills too.

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